Who Is Rick?

You have heard the phrase “Those who can do, those who can’t teach.” Rick Brewer is a bonified success story who has done and now is teaching others how to do it as well. Rick first started in the Wedding Industry as a Disc Jockey and over a period of 7 1/2 years personally entertained for over 300 Weddings. After that, he and his wife Jennifer, bought a franchise of a Wedding Magazine and took it to one of the toughest markets in the country. After 5 years of publishing that magazine, they sold the magazine to move back to be closer to family. Three years later, Rick started another Wedding magazine and in using the marketing priciples that he teaches others, was able to reach a high degree of success in a much shorter time. “If people simply will do as I have done, they will see an increase in their bottom line-period.”, says Rick.

In addition to his success as a Wedding Vendor as well as publisher of 2 wedding magazines, Rick has successfully produced 10 Bridal shows, 4 Wedding Websites, has met with over a thousand Wedding Vendors of all ilks of the wedding Industry, has met one on one with thousands of Brides and in general has seen all facets of the Wedding Industry from various view points.

Rick is the Author of  “7 Steps to a Stress Free Wedding” and the “Get More Brides Business Success Kit”.


Rick and his family currently reside in Orlando Florida.


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