The 3 Biggest Hurdles for Wedding Vendors

In 20 years of working one on one with Wedding Vendors (over 2100 individual businesses now) I have found that they typically suffer from one or more of the following 3 mistaken belief systems , which if they were able to overcome, they would soar like an eagle in their businesses (instead of waddling like a duck). Those three mistaken Belief Systems are Fear, The “Build it and they will come” syndrome, and Undue Patience. Here is a deeper explanation of each:
1. Fear
When a Wedding vendor has fear in their business, they will find excuses to not improve (such as “I don’t have time”, “I have to improve my ‘skills’ first” or , they will find excuses to excuse their results (such as blaming the economy, blaming the Brides, or blaming the competition) or they will find excuses why they will never step out of their situation which is deadly (If you are not growing, you are dying) . There is a certain amount of risk that any entrepreneur needs to take, but when you can learn from the mistakes of others, you minimize that risk. Simply said, 1 ounce of success will overcome 50 pounds of fear. Most of the fear that wedding vendors have is in their heads.
2. Build it and they will come.
In the movie “Fields of Dreams”, Kevin Costner’s character heard the whisper from the field “If you Build it they will come”. Many Wedding vendors try to employ this philosophy when it comes to their marketing. Simply put it out to the world that you provide stuff that Brides need and you are naturally a match. Sorry to say- doesn’t work that way. Just because you have marketing out there, does not assume the match with the bride and your product/service nor does it assume that your marketing connects with your prospects. It is your responsibility to put every effort into insuring you have the best possible message out there to the best possible medium. Those who really do well in their wedding businesses focus on their message and insure they get it out there as much as they possibly can.
3. Patience for the above to be overcome
95% of wedding businesses I speak to (not consult- that is a lot, but those who I speak in front of are about 80 times larger) do not track or measure the proper areas of their businesses. Because they do not track or measure, it is as though they are simply waiting around patiently for “something” to happen. Waiting around patiently will kill your business. You need results now and every day the doors of your business are open.
Let’s face it; there are risks involved with owning your own business, but nothing and I emphasize NOTHING is secure. Sure you can go work for someone else and wonder if one day you will walk in after 15 years of blood sweat and tears and simply be “let go”. You have also seen in the news people who contribute to a pension plan, only to have it wiped out in a day because the company filed for bankruptcy. The only security you have is what you create. Once you have started to create your security, you need to learn the techniques to make it easier, better, stronger. You and you alone are responsible for your results- Good and Bad. Further- you need not become complacent in your poor results. You need to get personally upset until you get to where you want to go.
Take a look and see if you suffer from any of these issues. It may be just slightly, but by improving slightly, you potentially see great results!
Until Next week, Here’s to Your Success!
There are ways to overcome these three “Business-Blockers”
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