The 5 irrefutable laws of Marketing to Brides

In 20+ years of Marketing to Brides and helping Wedding Businesses figure out their advertising, I have come up with what I call the 5 irrefutable, immutable absolutely Rock-Solid Laws of Marketing. These laws may seem simple. Maybe they even seem fundamental, but simply said, when followed and adhered to your marketing will take off, it will launch higher and will soar with results.
Here are the 5 Rules
Rule #1 of Marketing
If they do not know about you- You cannot be an option in their purchase. Have you ever went to the store to buy something that you had no idea existed? Usually doesn’t happen. Those who find you did so because of your marketing. Those who don’t, well….
Rule #2 of Marketing
You are not their only option so you need to stand out. Unless you have a really really dumb idea for a business, you will have competition. You will always have competition out there. You need to stand out from your competition and make them understand your differences. If you market based upon who you are, you stand a better chance of attracting the Brides who will be drawn to what you offer.
Rule #3 of Marketing
You need to speak to them on their level about what matters to them. Speaking about things in industry terms or even worse, what matters to you, will repel your prospects. You need to stop speaking to your prospects like an owner, but start to “Speak Bride”.
Rule #4
You can only take one step at a time in their process. Most Brides have not bought what you sell (or at least in the quantity that you sell it – they may have bought flowers before for example, but not as much as they will need for their wedding). Taking her by the hand and showing or telling her what to do next is what you do.
Rule #5
To keep your customer, you need to exceed with your customer. When we get what we expect we are rarely thrilled. Think about how many weddings/Brides you have sold in your career- how many were satisfied Brides? How many of those refer you on a regular basis. By exceeding expectations, you stand a better chance of getting referrals (we don’t usually or seek after repeat clients in the Wedding World )
In my new Home Study Kit- The Wedding Mastermind, I cover how to specifically work with each of the above rules and how to “tweak” your marketing to give you the better results you are looking for this year. In this 12 CD set (and a .pdf 64 Page workbook ) you will find solutions to help you get in front of more Brides, and Sell more Brides. This set will have a limited time offer. Here is the link for the Sales page:
This set is an outstanding value and I will be opening it up to more than just my subscribers. Check it out to see if you can build your business with this product!

Until Next Week, Here’s to your success!


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