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This is one of the most important emails I have ever sent, but I want to tell you a story first.
For the past few weeks I have been speaking about the release of a new product which I recently completed. I am thrilled to tell you about it, but let me give you a little back story first.
When I first started speaking 3 years ago, I created 3 Audio CD’s which were all centered on Marketing to Brides. I found that the price in the industry was about $99. These sold very well and were well received. People were able to use what I taught in these CD’s and benefit greatly.
I had many questions at my seminars about Bridal Shows, so later I added one more CD, Bridal Show Success Secrets. I maintained the price of the completed set at $99. Again- great reviews and wonderful Success Stories. I would hear from Industry veterans who were finding phenomenal successes (One photographer of 25 years called me after a Bridal Show and said “Rick you are a Marketing God!” because he got 5 times the appointments than ever before)
I then found that the Sales meeting was a challenge too many, so I added one more CD, Sell More Brides (and kept the price for the now 5 CD set at $99). Results from this CD- fantastic. People reported to me that by using just one technique they were able to close more Brides on the spot, which had never happened before.
After being in the business for 20 years, and working one on one with over 2000 Wedding Vendors and their businesses, I have found that there are many who are knocking it out of the park. There are some who are masters in one or two areas of Marketing and Selling to Brides. And there are others who have not had any training (yet alone specific to Brides) on Marketing and are shooting in the dark at many times at the wrong target with the wrong ammunition.
My clients, those who attend my seminars are constantly telling me the great results they have had with what I taught them. The easy to use, Common Sense approach to dealing with Brides has been worth many times what they spent with me. I hear this day in day out. Customers who have raised their prices and gotten more bookings, Customers who were suffering but were able to focus and turn around their results right away. In some cases, people have written to tell me that I saved their businesses. That’s what it is all about for me!

By the way- you can see what many have had to say here:
About 8 months ago, I decided I needed to “up” my game. I had specific information that I knew would work (Information about Networking, How to overcome the “Give Me a Price” Bride, and much more). I wanted to create a complete set of information where people could benefit even more from the strategies and techniques of those who have been very, very successful. I was able to carefully develop 7 more CD’s. I decided to also include my special reports and a copy of my book, 7 Steps to a Stress Free Wedding. Further, I included my first 5 CD’s (Mentioned above).
You can see the complete description here:
I have about 11,000 people who are receiving this email today and have printed up 400 sets to release right now (one other lesson I have learned is that I need to leave room for adjustment- just in case). If you would like to take advantage of this limited offer, I would be thrilled and honored. I will also offer you a 30 days Money Back Guarantee (I stand behind everything I sell)

Click below to see all that is included- This is truly a phenomenal offer and will help your business now.


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