Selling Results

If I were to ask you to tell me 5 reasons why a Bride should book with you, what would you tell me? Maybe that you offer excellent customer service. It might be excellent quality. How about you care about your clients. All of those are excellent reasons to do business with someone. The problem is that none of those mean anything to your prospective clients. Let me explain before you get all in a wad (trust me when I say- I have around 11,000 people who receive my emails and every week, I hear the differing opinions who either misunderstand or interpret what I say fully differently than the other 10,999 people who read the same message ). Brides do not buy features- they buy results. They also do not buy on logic- they buy fully emotionally. Selling in a style which is suitable to how they buy will not only increase your sales, but will increase your referrals.
Back in the early 90’s I took a sales course called “FAB Selling” . This course taught us how to sell Features, Advantages, and Benefits.
Here is what a feature looks like- A photographer gives 5 hours of on location photography.
Here is what an Advantage looks like- With 5 hours of shooting, you will get about 1200 images
Here is what a Benefit looks like- Out of 1200 images, you will get photos you will want to share with everyone you know all the way down to sharing with your grandchildren.
We live in the Wedding World 24/7 and forget that our prospects do not understand or comprehend what our “features” mean on a deeper level which would actually mean something to them. We often put industry buzz words, we speak in vague terms (i.e “we offer outstanding quality”) Speaking to our prospects about what A) matters to them B) They understand C) they will respond to will help us to get more of these Brides to act how we want them to act.
Here is another example: Nobody has ever bought a shovel to hang in their garage and admire. They bought that shovel to dig holes- the result. When you sell based upon the result- and again, please note: the result that your customer is looking for, you end up selling more effectively. Pretend you to go into a travel agent looking for the result of sitting on a lounge chair , soaking up the sun, sipping on a cold drink, listening to the sea gulls and the ocean gently lapping at the beach, yet the travel agent spoke about customer service, and quality, and guarantees. It may not touch your buttons as much as a travel agent who starts in by talking about, “you must be in desperate need of a vacation- when was the last time you went on a vacation?” or “That sounds like a perfect getaway- are you able to do it often?”
Homework assignment: Go find the nearest Wedding magazine and start browsing through the ads and see how many sell features vs. selling results. I pick up magazines in every city I visit and browse through them. Let me share with you that were you to make this adjustment correctly (by correctly- run it by several people – let me take a look at it and make sure that it is truly pushing some buttons), you would be amongst the 1% that sell and market results.
Results matter- they are sexy, exciting and fun. Features bore the hell out of me and your Brides.
What are your Results? (please comment below)


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One Response to “Selling Results”

  1. Fed Says:

    True! One part of our strategy if how we play on our life(We are husband and wife photographers). Marrying our high school sweetheart, having 4 girls(might not work for some guys out there, but they feel for me), pets, a home, a business together…

    Yes you get beautiful images that last a lifetime, but you really get a memory that builds on the foundation of your future together. You get a happy husband and wife = happy life 🙂

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