The High end Bride Myth

I see articles, I see advertisements I see people trying to “lure” in Wedding Vendors to get more “High End Brides”. Let me be blunt- there is no such thing. Maybe there is though….. I think they are standing next to the Polka Dotted Unicorns. The High End Bride that is being touted here is the Bride who has tons of money and she wants to spend it with vendors like you. We like to think that she exists because Price is such an issue in the wedding world. Of course we get Brides who spend more money, but simply said- does that mean they have more money to spend or this- She has more priority on the amount of money that she is willing to use with you.
I want you to think about this: How would one attract a “High End Bride”? Do you only advertise in certain parts of town? Do you make them bring a W-2 with them for their consultation? And even if you determined that this Bride had less income, would you turn her away if she paid for your services? Probably not. The Idea of searching after the High End Bride is a pointless search.
Let me prove my point. When was the last time you had a Bride who said- “Money is No Object! – Here is my No-limit Credit card, do with it as you will. “ Doesn’t happen. Think about the girls from the best, more upscale parts of town. It has been my experience that those Brides are even more keen on negotiating, than are the Brides with less affluence. Just because she lives in a nice house, in a nice part of town does not indicate that she wants to just throw caution to the wind. In fact, she probably got to the nice house in the nice part of town because she is very cautious.
Let me repeat- Stop going for the “High End” Bride and Start going for the “High Priority” Bride. This does not mean that you should not take a Bride who wants to spend a Bunch of money with you. Let me explain:
The High Priority Bride is one who will spend what she needs to spend with the right person because she truly believes she is getting value in exchange for their offering. She is the one who may come into the consult with a $1500 budget, but you end up writing a contract that is twice that amount, maybe 3 times as much! Each Bride has a different set of priorities, so my advice to you is to not pre-judge any brides based on economics, geography, how they dress or anything that has anything to do with price.
Now the obvious question is , “How do I find out what their priority is?”. Simple, they are the Brides who call, email and show up for appointments. They are focused on potentially hiring you for their wedding and they are following the steps of someone who is motivated to get what you have. Those who do not show up, who show up late, who never call or email simply do not have the priority.
Very rarely in the Wedding industry do I come across someone who will be so selective in their processes of hiring a Bride (it is hiring when you do the choosing) that they will exclude someone who looks or is lower income/means. My suggestion that if you do not meet that category of Wedding vendor, that you proceed and meet with as many Brides as possible. You can not predict which ones are willing and able to spend money with you. Further, while there are major indicators out there of what their budget is, their budget for other items such as venue, dress, etc… have little to no bearing on what you potentially sell them. Do not pre-judge Brides who could potentially spend money with you to the point to where you lose business.
Until Next week, Here’s to your Success!


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3 Responses to “The High end Bride Myth”

  1. Arrowhead DJ Says:

    Great information, Rick! Thank you. I have even caught myself in that High-End Bride mode from time to time, but you realize very quickly that it IS all about priority.

  2. Photographer Aspen CO Says:

    I’ve been pondering that same thought myself. Where would you even look for a high end bride? I think a lot of folks who live in the “better” part of town are simply in debt up to their ears. I’m with you – I prefer the bride who values my service.

  3. Lanai Says:

    This is so true thanks for sharing !

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