How to use Email Successfully

I recently read a headline on how to make a multi- million dollar company through email marketing. As I opened up the email and read about how Groupon had used email marketing (combined with referral marketing) to become a $6 Billion company (that is what Groupon was offered by Google to buy them). For those of you who are not familiar with Groupon, there is great benefit to using them- Here is a link for you to check out the local deals that they offer:
(click here and then find your local city)
Groupon offers it’s users something they want- local deals on things they are interested in.
Now you may be wondering “How do I make email work for me” I will share 2 ideas that have and will work when you use them correctly. The fact is, if you can get your email opened, you have a chance of getting your consumers attention. If you can get their attention, you have a chance of getting them to engage or take another step. If you can get them to take that step (i.e. go to your website) you have a chance of building trust to get another step out of them.
Let me first ask you this question; Are you trying to get your consumer to take too many steps at a time? If so, how is that working for you? Fact is, the consumer who does not purchase what you sell often if ever will move forward with great caution unless you clear the path (in other words, show them you are trustworthy). Most people use Email completely wrong, and in so doing, lower the bar to where when used correctly, the proper email will not only shine, but will become extremely effective.
The wrong way in using email is in these three manners; 1) they blast out offers which are trying to get the Bride to take too many steps at once 2) They assume the need/relationship/sale 3) They are written from a business centric bias rather than a consumer centric bias.
Here are two email methods that work : 1) Be free with information- give them the reports, the ideas and the information they are looking for without giving them too much to where they think they have it all and can do without you. 2) Set yourself as the Gold Standard giver- when you are the expert and state your information as such (i.e. “When hiring a Wedding Consultant, be sure they have these 5 qualities to insure a magical, stress free day” is much more concrete than is “I feel that you should want 5 certain qualities when looking for a Wedding Consultant”. The Gold Standard Giver is the wedding vendor who sets themselves up as the expert and freely imparts advice, tips, and useful information to the Bride that is not “salesy”. Invite the Bride to interact, whether she does business with you or not.
Using the above 2 techniques together is the only way I have seen Email work in the Wedding World. I know that many of you are gathering your lists from the Bridal shows. These lists have value. These are Brides who have raised their hands and essentially said, “ I am going to buy certain things for my wedding, I may buy them from you if I am convinced”. Brides are mostly new to getting married, and while they can find a myriad of info online, there are 2 main reasons why she hesitates: 1) She is scared of making a bad choice 2) She gets too much conflicting info.
Help her to trust that you have the info she needs and that you will not steer her in the wrong direction and use email to build this trust. Email when used right is AWESOME- I would not go without it!
Until Next Week, Here’s to your Success!


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3 Responses to “How to use Email Successfully”

  1. Scott Gerke Says:

    Great email. Quick and to the point. Even if the company is big more expensive, I always go with the one who offers information at no extra cost. It makes you feel comfortable…bottom line. Thanks for the blog

  2. olarotimi vicent Says:

    I love your comment

  3. olarotimi vicent Says:


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