Prices on your website

Prices on your website
For years now, the dual edge sword of putting prices on your website has been questioned. Vendors all around struggle with do I put my prices on the website or do I leave them off. There are definitely 2 sides to this, and which way you decide to go will make a difference. That difference needs to have a much more completed strategy, including proper website conversion, proper follow up techniques and more. To not get stuck in the middle of “should I” or “shouldn’t I”, you need to look at each angle so you can choose what fits you and your business best. Let’s talk about the 2 sides of this issue and then I’ll throw in my advice.
Side #1- Put your pricing on your website.
When you put your pricing on the website, you run into a few issues. Issue #1- You are commoditizing yourself. Brides know green dollar bills. They do not understand the depth of experience, the nuance of quality and more. When you put price on your site, you are simply stating one dynamic of your business- the “how much” dynamic. The problem with stating your prices to Brides at this stage is they are too fresh and using only this dynamic to measure your business which is a false measurement. #2 Issue – There will always be someone cheaper. Assuming that the bride is using only price as a comparison (not fair- I know) , you will most times lose. Prices only tell one side of the story and that side is not the story that matters to Brides. I have also seen where most times, Brides will gravitate to the lower end of the price scale. If a vendor puts a range of pricing, the focus becomes on the entry point rather than the high end price. Imagine you are that Bride and you see prices ranging from $700, $900, maybe $1200. She will enter the buying process with this subconscious idea that the price should be around $1000. When she goes to the various vendors and figures out that the price she will pay for what she specifically wants is more around $2000, she feels shock, dismay and confusion. She will shut down and not make a decision.
Side #2- Don’t put your prices on the website.
When you don’t put your prices on your website, there are two potential issues there. Issue #1 – The Bride passes by you (or even worse- gets mad) because that is the only thing she is looking for. Here is a rule for sales: Until she gives you some money/signs a contract/both, she is a prospect. Sometimes prospects will take shots at people to make them feel bad because it gives them a sense of power/being. Don’t let her need for price override what you know to be right and good for your business. Issue #2- You will get the brides who don’t have any budget wasting your time. You’ve had Brides who call you up and even meet with you to the point to where you know they are wasting your time. In rare cases, though, having prices on the web will help you avoid this (there is no guarantee that the Brides will see your prices either way). I think I have a rather simple solution which meets both sides in the middle.
Put price ranges with enough information, but not too much on your site. Simply said, you almost want to disregard the issue with this, without going too far- you need to give her enough information without letting her think she has enough to make a decision. For the Special Report on how to range your prices, Please Email me :
Until Next week, Here’s to your Success!


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46 Responses to “Prices on your website”

  1. Rachael Clinkscale Says:

    Hello I am interested on your Special Report on how to range my pricing.

  2. Bill Jakub Says:

    I would like more info on this.

  3. Spencer Says:

    great post. I am also interested in your report. thanks

  4. Dave Star Says:

    Great Timing on This Rick! Would love to see the report!!!

  5. Tony Wright Says:

    I would be interested in hearing more details.

  6. Alice Says:

    I’m interested in how to range my prices as a wedding harpist.

  7. Leslie V. Says:

    Love this info! I’ve always had issues with this and keep going back and forth. Currently I do not have my prices listed. I’ve done both and still don’t see which benefits my business. I’m definitely interested in your special report. Thanks!

  8. Jim Utterback Says:

    Special Report, please?

  9. michael Says:

    Id like to receive the information about pring on the website. Thanks

  10. TB Says:

    I’m interested in the report! 🙂

  11. Mark Cherney Says:

    I am interested in how to range your prices report.


  12. zorzstudios Says:

    Yes, familiar issues and strategies, thank you for summing up. Curious what your report outlines, too.

  13. Lindsay Says:

    Great post Rick, I would also like to see your report on this subject!

  14. toni Says:

    Just read a survey that said 71% of brides want to see pricing on a website. I put in the range last year. This year I have our full pricing up.

  15. Steve Lebo Says:

    Plee, send me more.

  16. Thomas Ormond Says:

    Hi Rick, great read. Thank you. Would love to know more as well. Cheers.

  17. George Says:

    I would be interested in reading more about price ranging. Thanks for this great site!

  18. Justin Says:

    GREAT article with a great take on a topic I have been struggling with. I’d love to see the additional info. Thanks!

  19. Leon Fredette Says:

    Very interested to hear your solutions. I put a “prices start at…” sentence in my pricing page, but don’t give specifics. Still get underbid all the time and find it hard to book a good client. I’m a much better photographer than sales person.

  20. Kimberly Says:

    I would like to see your report on publishing pricing.
    Thank you

  21. Thomas James Says:

    We’ve tried prices on and prices off and I’m not certain that it makes much difference either way. Our experience so far is that the “foot in the door” is usually a good price or referral. However, once they see and touch our wedding albums they up-sell themselves. The hard part is getting the face-to-face. I would be interested in any suggestions you have.

  22. Nyla Crystal Says:

    I struggle with this issue as well. I had so much of my time wasted by people thinking I would perform for $50 at their wedding, that I did end up putting a “starting at” price on my website to filter them out. I think giving a range would be a better idea. I’d love to read your special report!

  23. Lillybeth (A Beautiful Education) Says:

    Would love the pricing scale report/ideas – please email me. Thank you.

    I think I sit in the middle, as you’ve recommend, Rick. I give my prices (for makeup) on the website, but encourage them to contact me, mainly to check my availability but also for more details, like I don’t give the price for makeup trial-runs on the site, or price for my false lashes or out-of-town travel, so brides usually have more questions about price and other costs and feel they still need to contact me for more info. Seems to work for me!

  24. Lillybeth (A Beautiful Education) Says:

    P.S. Though when I increase my prices to be the highest in town (but still very reasonable), I’ll see what happens then. 😉

  25. Tom Ellis Says:

    I have almost always listed my pricing, but am willing to listen to arguments that i may be wrong. Please send me your report.

  26. Kevin McCartney Says:

    Very interesting comments and something I know many of us struggle with. Would love more information on this!!

  27. John Beck Says:

    I was talking with another dj about this very subject it’s a big dilemma at the moment, so I would love to here more. Thank you for posting this 🙂

  28. Shannon Says:

    I have been giving a range, “starting at xxxx, with most couples spending xxxx to complete their wedding experience…”

    but even thats not working… so Id love to know more!

  29. cnymike Says:

    I’d also like to get your guideline on pricing. Thanks.

  30. Lana Says:

    Hi Rick, I’d enjoy reading the report you mentioned. We also had our WSEA meeting tonight and there was a very positive response when the group was asked about having you speak. Hope to see you again soon.

  31. emeraldmotionpictures Says:

    I would like the report on prices on or off.

  32. Florida Wedding Videographer Says:

    So true! I I have gone back and fourth on my website, and I think I like it more when I dont have my prices…

  33. James T. Says:

    Hi Rick, great topic. I would like to read your report as well. Thank you for the info. Blessing’s!

  34. Greg Says:

    Great blog post! I’m interested I receiving your report. How can I get it?

  35. Lafe Blobaum Says:

    Would love to get more info on how to scale packages. Thanks.

  36. Anna-Jeannine "DJ AJ9" Herman Says:

    Hi, Rick! I’ll take a special report on pricing, please!

  37. Jeff Brewer Says:

    Great article. Would love the special report as well. Thanks!

  38. Tammy Maxx Says:

    Would love this report….right now we have “packages starting at *** “, maybe ranges would be better

  39. Rachael Grammer Says:

    I’d like to receive your report as well Rick… thank you!

  40. GettingMoreBrides Says:

    Thank you.

  41. Mark Tishko Says:

    Rick you are the greatest. Please can you send me that report. Thank you my friend

  42. Jim Horn Says:

    Would like info on price ranges

  43. DJMichaelJ Says:

    I would love to see the report and have more informarion on this Rick. THANKS!

  44. Lanai Says:

    Very good article! I would love to see your report. I currently just put starting at xxxx pricing on my website.

  45. Alex Says:

    Would like to get the report if still available!
    Thank you!

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