3 Foundational Elements for Success

J Paul Getty once said that you only need three things to be rich:
1. Work Hard
2. Work Smart
3. Strike Oil
There are many of us who have set new goals or intentions for this coming year and we have the hope that the economic winds are too our back. I have thought and thought about the subject of what fundamental elements does one require to be successful. I have narrowed it down to these three (I call them the Triple A)
1. Actions
2. Abilities
3. Attitudes
Without Action, you are dead in the water. Let me compare our work in our businesses with an analogy of growing a garden. If we have the intention of growing a garden, we first need to act. We need to prepare the ground as well as plant the seeds. Further, we need to keep on acting. We need to continue to water those seeds, as well as tend to the soil and fertilize. Acting at the beginning, while necessary, is not enough.
Our abilities in our business life are necessary to make our actions effective. Without effective actions, we will overwork and burn the ground to where nothing will grow. Going back to the gardening analogy; if we over water, or underwater, our crop does not benefit near as well as if we give the right amount of watering. If we do not use the proper fertilizer, the proper methods in airing the soil, etc… we can “act” all day long and not have near the results of the two elements of action and ability combined.
Many times, it is our own head games which keep us from playing. We have the attitude that we will never be able to grow in that soil, or the weather will ruin our crops or… (excuse, excuse , excuse) . What ends up happening is we never even plant the seeds, or we excuse our behavior from acting (and from improving our abilities) so we never even get started or if we get started, we slow/stutter our progress.
You can see how Actions and Abilities without the proper Attitudes can give us less than stellar results. You can further see the obvious of lacking in Actions or lacking in Abilities (even with a great Attitude) will leave you short on your end product. Having all three elements is necessary and crucial towards finding the success that you not only strive for, but deserve.
Use these three critical elements and explode who you are meant to be in the coming year!
Until Next Week, Here’s to your Success!


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