Instant Business Legitimacy

There is a fun thing about advertising which I discover about 15 years ago- Advertising can bring you instant legitimacy. Let me share with you a concept- If you are advertising, there is an immediate feeling of you being a legitimate business, so far as you advertise correctly. Putting forward a marketing piece/concept that is poorly conceived or executed is also instant-An instant business killer. Having the wrong face on your business will distract rather than attract. When people are distracted, they shut down and do not move forward in what I call “the buying process”.
Let me show you my point- Have you ever noticed a new business, any business, that came into your town or area and put up a bunch of advertising. I have seen two types- One that attracts with the right message and one that distracts with the wrong message. The second type is a typically bland, boring message that talks all about themselves, has the owner in the ad, etc. The type that attracts, is the type that focuses on the product/service or problem that they solve. You may have seen a company like that, which comes into town and starts putting ads on TV, in the local newspaper and maybe you even get a flyer/postcard in the mail. All of a sudden they are everywhere. Let me share an example:
When I lived in Orlando, there was a company that came out of nowhere called Appliance Direct- You can guess what they sell. They came on and bought up a ton of TV advertising with the owner being the host of the ads, not focusing on himself, but on the urgent need of the product. He would find the value leader of a Refrigerator, a Washer/dryer, and one other appliance. Further he would point out some great features of the products and the low price point, which when compared too; he would be the low price option. He had a tag line “If you bought it somewhere else- You paid too much!” which was always given by his young daughter at the end of the commercial. He also had a color theme, the name, tagline on his trucks, in all his ads, on the signage of his stores and everywhere he advertised. In a few short years, he dominated his market because he properly marketed his product.
Once you have a consistent message, and you are consistently getting out there with your message, and there is common thread running through all of the marketing you are doing, you have achieved a branding of your product. You do, however, need to A) Stay Consistent B) Insure what you are staying consistent in is EFFECTIVE! Having a consistently bad message doesn’t help- it hurts.
I would suggest that you look at your total strategy to insure you have A) Effective Message- not “me” based B) Consistent strategy – it looks and feels the same/similar C) Constant Strategy- You need to be out there in more than one medium on a constant basis (actually I recommend that you have at the very least 4 different mediums who are targeting Brides in a different manner). When you have these three elements down- you dominate your market. Market domination may simply mean you have more business than you can handle (that is what I search for- I don’t worry about my competition. There is room for all of us, so far as we offer a quality product). Point and purpose-Get you to where you are sending your competition your leftovers!
Keep in mind- your brides typically do not know who you are and do not care. If you want instant legitimacy- advertise. Remember this saying- Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Work like hell and Advertise!
Until Next Week, Here’s to your Success!


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