ACT NOW! How to use urgency in your marketing approach

Let me begin this week’s newsletter by stating that I was wrong. I fixed this problem about a year ago, so you haven’t seen any of this lately, but let me tell you what, I was wrong about. I subscribe to about 50 different newsletters which I receive either monthly or weekly. In these newsletters, they often will run a special offer, or try to sell their products and services. In doing so, they use phrases such as act now, hurry while supplies last, and do this before it’s too late. I used to use these shoddy methods. These methods may have worked back in the 70s or 80s, but their overblown right now, and will not work, especially with our clientele.
Now, there are times when you do need to use urgency, so let’s talk about how to use it properly.
First, take a look at the urgent offer from the point of the consumer. The first thing you ask yourself is why is this so urgent that I the consumer now need to rush their decision. At times there are reasons. At times there are very good reasons. But if I the consumer do not understand what those reasons are, I will pass by the offer as just another flighty method of trying to get me to buy their stuff. So, as a marketer, you need to take the approach of being consumer centric, or from the point of view of the consumer being able to understand why this is so urgent.
How many times and be seen an offer as a consumer that just seemed outrageous. For Example: The amount of millionaires strictly from the wedding industry (and their activities in the wedding industry) by my best guesstimates is about 1% or less. In other words, somebody who starts a wedding business, and becomes a millionaire because of that wedding business is far and few in between. Yet I see ads for people who will teach you how to be a millionaire in the wedding business all the time. It is this kind of inappropriate approach (it is promising way more and overselling themselves) which dulls the senses of the consumer. You don’t like to be oversold sold and under delivered neither do I; therefore, take the approach of being honest with your consumer.
Second, if you are the one who requires urgency (in other words, you need to fill a date, or you need to sell some product) don’t put that on your consumer. This is your urgency, not theirs. Again, this shortcut mentality in marketing of trying to put out a message that over sells and under delivers only hurts you in the long run. If you plan on staying in business for a long time, you need to establish credibility and trust. Now, maybe your customer, (your brides) are going to only be one and done (they’ll typically only buy from you once). That said, you still need to maintain a reputation amongst those who also occupy the same space that you do business and – all the other wedding vendors. If they see you as always been urgent in your marketing, it sends out a sense of desperation, and nobody wants to do business with desperate people.
Now if you are marketing something that is truly urgent, is my suggestion that you tell them why it is urgent. If you are trying to, for example, get people to sign up for an event, tell them that the first people who sign up get the best price. There is a reason why they get the best price – because they acted. Share that with them. Let them know why and also let them know what will happen if they don’t act now. If you are trying to get somebody to do business with you and you have a limited amount of inventory (for those of you who have only singular dates that you can supply your services on that is a limited amount of inventory) tell them that there is a limited amount of inventory/dates available.
Being up front and putting your cards on the table with your marketing and your sales approach will always come through and you will benefit in the long run.
Until next week. Here’s to your success!


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