The Three Crucial Areas of a Bridal Show

The three crucial areas of a Bridal Show
This year’s round of fall bridal shows has begun. I thought this newsletter would be a good opportunity to review the three crucial areas of a bridal show that you need to be aware of so that you can work properly and gain the maximum exposure from it.
The first area of the bridal show is the preshow preparation.
In preparing for the show, one of the most important parts of preparing is to know what your target is. In other words, you need to have some sort of a goal for what you want the outcome of the show to be. Let me add this- You can only control what you can control. Too many times I hear people blaming the show promoter for their outcome. Let me be clear: the show promoter’s job is to get brides there and to make sure all the logistics are taking care of regarding the show. Too many times, vendors at a show go for the kill – or they try to make the sale at the show. Now if you can make the sale of the show, go for it. My suggestion is that you go for the appointment, which is the next logical step in the bridal buying cycle. This is controlling what you can control. Determine how many brides are coming to the show (estimated), and set a goal for 10- 15% of them as a general rule for appointments. One further note, when preparing for the show, make sure you show up early to set up- the earlier the better.
The Second Area of the bridal show is working the show.
The typical bridal show is only a few hours (4-6 hrs). If you’ve got six hours and hundreds of brides coming through, you need to work that show as best as you possibly can. The key here is to get them to chat with you for 3 min. – everybody has 3 min. Once you’ve determined the bride needs or wants your services, ask her if she has 3 min. to chat. The next step after you get her to chat is to get an appointment from her – if you both feel that you are a potential match still. I want you to bring your appointment book with you so that you can write in your appointments at the show. Too many times, vendors focus on the fluffy stuff of the show, like giveaways and contests. I want you to work on getting appointments. Appointments need to be your target for the show.
The third area of a bridal show is follow-up.
Follow-up is divided into three areas. First – follow-up with those brides who made appointments with you. Keep in mind that not every bride who makes appointment with you will keep that appointment with you- If they do fantastic. I simply tell you this because of the fact if you walk away with 10 appointments from a show, and seven of them show up, and you’re able to close four of them, was it a good show? I don’t want you to get disappointed in the three that didn’t show up in this scenario. Brides are busy, and you are not their first concern. Second – follow-up with any brides who filled out a lead at your booth. Third – follow-up with the main list of vendors that you get from the show promoters, if they provide a list. Again, follow-up is so crucial to your business success. My suggestion is that before the show, you prepare your follow-up e-mails for each of these three areas of follow-up. By doing this before hand, it’s It will be easier for you to schedule a follow-up and not postpone it.
I’ve often said, if I were to get back into the business again as a wedding vendor, one of the first things I do is check out all the bridal shows I could – I believe in bridal shows they are proven model of success for marketing your wedding business.
Until Next Week- Here’s to your Success!


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