Change is a Given

This week Facebook made a bunch of changes to their layout. It was interesting to watch the inevitable comments that just flew around. Comments ranged from absolute disdain to confusion. These changes came without warning and caught most people thoroughly off guard.
The question is, is change bad?
It was my feeling that people were making a knee-jerk reaction about these new changes without giving them a fair shot. Fact of the matter is, nobody pays for Facebook, Therefore, we, the users of Facebook are the products, not the customers. We are there for Facebook to use to make money (from those who pay for Facebook ads), not to be catered too.
In the book “Who moved my cheese?”, this aversion to change is discussed at length. In Spencer Johnson’s book, he speaks about four mice, two who adapt change quickly and benefit from it, and two who nearly die because they refused to adapt to change. The major point is, the sooner we adapt to change, the better off we will be.
Change in life is not a choice, it’s inevitable. In our businesses adapting to changes was when the helpless to get to the next level and to maintain staying on top. I’ve been in the wedding industry for about 20 years now and I can remember major changes. When I first started out as a wedding vendor, I was a DJ and was spinning records. I made a major investment into records, but the market changed within a year. I had to go on, reinvest in CDs, my very first year, which cost me about $1000 extra.
Photographers can remember when they had to switch over to digital. Those who took the leading edge and switched quickly stayed on top, while those who did not faltered, and many went out of business. The fact is change can be exhilarating; Change can be discomforting, but is necessary in our world.
Think back to when you were a kid – how much was the price of gas? Probably a lot less than it is now- true? Every year around Memorial Day gas prices start to go up. And every year around Memorial Day, people start to complain about the price of gas. Here’s the bad news – gas will hit five dollars a gallon. I’m not sure when, but I know it is can happen. It will probably hit seven dollars a gallon in my lifetime. Just changing your mindset, slightly helps you to recognize that change is coming. It’s going to happen and maybe if we prepare for it, we will get through it better.
In our businesses, we need to prepare for change. We need to prepare for things that are uncomfortable for us. It’s not a matter of if change will happen, it’s when it will happen and how we will react to it. If we get caught up in our reactions to change, we miss the opportunities.
Homework assignment: look deep in your business and see if you can forecast change coming in any areas of your business and how you can best prepare for it in the coming days, weeks and months.
Technology is always changing as are our customers. Brides of today are quite different than the brides of 20 years ago. There are new services and products are competing for her limited dollars, and there will always be new services and products that will compete for her limited dollars.
Adapting to change means staying as a leader in the industry.
Until next week. Here’s your success!


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