Steps for your Next Conference.

I was chatting with a friend of mine who is a promoter of educational conferences. He was talking about the amount of people who come to his conferences and one week later are doing the same things they were doing the week before they came to the conference. As we chatted, we figured out that there are three types of people that come to the conference. You can find these three types of people at most conferences, and with the many conferences coming up in the wedding world next month. I thought that this would be a great opportunity to chat about that.
The first kind of person that shows up to the educational conference is the Rookie or beginner. They are hungry for information. They are like a sponge and are taking it all in. They network well with all the other professionals, and really gain from the power of the conference. This person knows where they stand. They know that they need information to help them feel confident and strong in improving their business situation over the next year. Because they are teachable and looking to learn, they truly do gain a lot. This “newbie” mentality helps them to gain from the conference to where their investment is easily recouped.
The second type of person to show up to the educational conference is the intermediate vendor. These intermediates have been in business for a while and have faced their struggles like everybody always does, but the main difference with them is that they think that they’ve done more than they really have. They come to the conference as a protectionism mechanism. In other words, they want to make sure that they’re on top of all the latest and greatest, so they can lay claim to it before the competition does. They’re not really there to learn so much as they are to compare. Even if there is educational material that they could use, it usually skips over them, and flies past them. These folks typically will socialize a lot, the skipped the first sessions of the morning, stay up late at the bar at night, and are usually the ones complaining loudest about the economy and the competition.
The third kind of person to show up to an educational conference is the veteran. Many times, veterans will divide up into one of two groups. The first group, is they’re there to help, not there to gain. They will stay outside of the educational conference rooms more times and not just chatting in helping people. They’re awesome to have at the conferences because the “newbies” can really gain from them. The second type of veterans show up, recognize that business is not an absolute. They recognize that they need to continue to learn and to grow and they also recognize that anyone can teach you something. They are there to seek out new information, new techniques, and new strategies that they can take home and implement into their business. They know that no matter what, as long as they stay on top people always be looking to them for advice and with admiration.
Of these three groups of people. It’s interesting to see how many people will invest into a educational conference and not take full advantage of it. I’ve seen where people come to my educational conferences and take tons of notes, only to go home and file them and not review them not to do anything further. From my point of view, the educational conference is a beginning steppingstone to building a relationship with one of the speakers who was one of the educators so that you can get more information to implement in your business. Too many people take it as the final step, or worse-the only step. They take the information that there is given to them, and they think that that’s enough. Most times it is not near enough information. Because of the depth of what they offer. They are only covering the highlights of that information.
If you are going to one of the big conferences coming up in the next month and a half, be sure to recognize that the information that you are going to gain can and will help you so far as you implement it. Learning is not enough take the next step of action and put it into place. The organizers of these events are going to great lengths to make sure that valuable content is there for you. Go to the conferences, get this great content, implement it, and build your business.
Until next week, Here’s to your success!


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