Intriguing Message + Overwhelming Value = Success

There are two types of people who I cannot help.
Type #1= they are at the point to where it is too late to do anything. They have waited too long and done too little to make a difference. They do not have the money or the energy to invest to save themselves and they are past the point of fixing their business.
Type #2 = they simply won’t do what I tell them to do. There are some things which are uncomfortable. There are some things which they may not believe in, that is something which they may have tried but did not work in the manner in which they tried, or simply is something they do not want to do because of fear or lack of priority.
At times I will have a professional approach me with the big pile of problems. While they are not type number one, nor they are type number two, they will do what I tell them to do in exact manner in which I tell them to do it. These folks are fun to work with because they see immediate results and they find out what works to fix what is ailing them. They get to immediate action towards their challenges and they get their challenges fixed.
When their phones are not ringing, one of the first things I will tell them to do is to design a message that is intriguing. Brides are getting hit with all kinds of nonsense advertising. Each and every day they get hit with crappy, terrible, horrible, offers which insult them. When you design an intriguing offer, an intriguing message, something that speaks to her as a potential client in an honest and forthright manner, you have a good chance of her taking the next step. The next step may be simply giving you a phone call, which doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s going to purchase your product or service, but you are getting her to act, which is creating momentum.
An intriguing message is something bigger and better than “buy my stuff”, “get 40% off”, “act now and save”. The intriguing message is something that reaches her and talks to her directly about what she is trying to accomplish such as “did you know that 85% of brides are first-time brides and have never purchased____________ before.” If she is one of the 85% of brides who have never bought your product or service before, this will catch her attention. It is an intriguing message in her eyes.
Once you have her attention and your message has reached out to her, you need to give her overwhelming value. Overwhelming value in our world at this stage looks something like this:
• A free report.
• An interesting article.
• An audio program.
• Content versus conversation
If I were to ask you, what does a bride look for when she picks up a wedding magazine, goes to a website, goes to a bridal show? You may answer. She’s looking for information. You’re right, she is looking for information that will help her to create her vision of a perfect day. That is why giving her information on this stage is overwhelming value. There are few who give the bride. What she is looking for if she is looking for information. Give it to her and give it to her in reams of information. You will be looked at as a trusted source at that point and the thing about brides is this; she buys based on trust. Nothing else. If she doesn’t trust you, it’s all about price and she still won’t trust you even if you have the lowest price.
Be intriguing and give overwhelming value and see if it doesn’t get your phone to ring more.
Until next week, Here’s to your success!


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