CNBC is Wrong

In watching all the turmoil the markets this week and what’s happening with raising the debt ceiling, I can’t help but think of the fabric of the American Society and the American business. We are a bootstrapping nation which means we pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps, we make it happen, we are entrepreneurs and we are in control of our own destinies.

As such, we plan on being in business from now until whenever an looking forward we cannot stop what we’re doing nor should we even slow down and what we’re doing. Simply said we need to go forward with vigor and with clear vision. I don’t think anyone who is reading this he’s honoring now is planning on going out of business next year yet many will go out of business because they take their focus off of that which is necessary – building their businesses.

Our competitors are going to be there, our customers are also still going to be there, and therefore we still need to let them know that we’re here. The fundamentals of business have not changed we need to A) let them know that were here B) let them know why we should be an option and C) and sent them to reach out to us to see if we are a match. None of this has changes nor will it change. The road may get slightly harder and more people are to be focused on the economy. That said we need to push forward, we need to try harder, we need to do more (not do less);  not hide from these issues and struggles.

Many times when we do not have an entrepreneurs background,  it is easy to get frightened to get scared and want security in our lives, however let me remind you that there is no such thing as security in any job or working for any company. The only security that we find is when we are out doing our very best at what we do the best. Working hard cures most fears. Getting out and doing what we need to do will help us to overcome it to not just survive but to thrive in these hard times new.

There are four quadrants to marketing which I focus those who work one on one with me on. The first quadrant is online marketing the second quadrant is off-line marketing the third quadrant is word-of-mouth marketing and the fourth quadrant is investment marketing. Let’s talk about that fourth quadrant right now (not that it’s more important in the other three quadrants but that in our work we may not see immediate results that is why we have to have a certain amount of seeds out there that are being sown in order to harvest them later). In working in the Investment quadrant, there are certain things which will pay off at the exact timing that will be perfect for us. In other words, do some Marketing Actions today that you know will take a little time to benefit from and at the moment when you need them, they will pop up.

In the wedding world that marketing which we do today affects us down the road six 12, 18 months which means simply that if we stopped doing that marketing today were to feel it down the road six 12,18 months.

Focusing on the quadrants which makes sense to us and ignoring what is happening out there to investors to Wall Street and what CNBC likes to report on all day because it gives them job security, is what will help us to thrive right now. CNBC serves a purpose I don’t think that they serve a purpose for helping us grow our business by just talking about all the negative in all the potential in what they think is going to happen in fact it is my full belief that the overreaction of what people like CNBC are saying is what is adding to the problem right now not the solution.

Our solutions right now to keep us thriving in the lives that we have set up for us is to continue building our businesses. Simply put you’re either on the way up or you’re on the way down you can’t stagnate at a certain level; your either growing or you’re dying in your business. Continue your business growth by keeping your marketing out there by working hard to let brides know that you are a great option for them and see the results coming in.

Until next week here’s your success!


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One Response to “CNBC is Wrong”

  1. Amy Hammond Coach Says:

    Rick, What a great topic to write your blog on! So many will choose to focus on the narrow road ahead, instead of looking at the beautiful path before them and the amazing view and horizon ahead! Seeking for balance and solutions is the key, and looking outside the box. You are great at helping us look at the solutions that WORK! Thank you!!!

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