Idiot or Lazy

I read these old style of marketing newsletters often which try to get me to move based on fear, ease, or great rewards. I read two the other day which frankly turned me off big time. It was not driven towards the Wedding Industry, but I see the same tactics used here as well. Let me say this at the beginning of my newsletter so you fully understand where I am coming from- I am not stupid or lazy and I don’t think you are either. In fact I get offended on your behalf when I see things that go out that infer such.
Here is what the newsletters said (paraphrased):
1) Get Rich in 30 days (inferring I was stupid and it was so EASY to get rich)
2) Automate yourself to Customers Banging down your door (inferring that I was Lazy for not doing it earlier myself)
When I see these kinds of tactics being used, I cringe. This stuff is not easy. If it were, I (and them) would be out of work pretty quick. If it were easy, everyone would be coming to the Wedding Industry to make boatloads of money. I often say in my seminars that I cannot promise to double your business next year unless you only did 3-4 weddings last year. I actually have helped people to do very very well ( you can see video testimonials on my YouTube channel), and in those cases, they have done the heavy lifting and I give them credit for one thing- being smart enough to see that an outside set of trained eyes and ears can help them get to where they want to go faster and easier. It does not cut the work load, but it makes it bearable with quicker results.
I see people in the Wedding Industry each and every week who work very hard and give it their all. They, many times, are successful. Those who are at the top of their game in their city certainly did not fall to the top. Were you to pull them aside an dhave a heart to heart and all cards were laid on the table, you would see that they struggled, they fought and they hustled to get where they are. In fact, most would tell you that if they were to slow down, it would be tragic for them and their business.
Getting the momentum going in the right direction is one thing and keeping it going in that great direction is the next thing. Let’s face these two hard facts:
1) Most (if not all) are not trained in marketing, let alone marketing to Brides. We get caught up in the technical/fulfillment aspect of our business as that is what we are drawn to. Evidence of this is how many conferences are geared towards “what” we do as opposed to “how” to do more of it.
2) Brides are a very different type of customer. In fact, there is little typical about her, therefore our approach needs to be more centered on how, why and what she buys. Using traditional approaches will shut her down.
There are great successes happening in every city I go to- they are happening in your city as well and you can and should be finding them.

Until Next Week, Here’s to your Success!


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  1. Brad Buckles Says:

    I like these blog posts!!!

  2. Brad Buckles BridesClub Says:

    read this…

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