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I subscribe to about 50 gajillion newsletters from outside of the Wedding Industry. I like to keep fresh and see what is happening out in the world of Marketing. I figure that by keeping my ear to the ground of what is happening out there, I will stay current to help my clients. I also see stuff that verifies that what I am experiencing is what is happening with others as well. This helps me feel confident in my personal direction because the setbacks or struggles I feel are clues to success (they went through them and are now somewhat successful, therefore, I must be heading the same direction)
In reading these newsletters, I see some great information. Sometimes I see the same garbage recycled. Let me give you an example: Do you know what an elevator speech is? This is a speech we give that is 30 seconds long, which if we were to get on an elevator with a stranger, that at the end of that elevator ride, we will have been able to tell them what it is that we do.
Wonderful- right? This technique was coined somewhere back in the 70’s and has been relatively the same ever since. Simply put- do you go to a networking meeting looking to hear Elevator speeches? I don’t. Do you go hoping to give them? Again I don’t. Besides if most people don’t want to hear them, why give them? It kind of treats them like Neanderthals (as though you have to speak in small words, with short sentences to get them to understand that you make wedding cakes).
The marketing and advertising world is simply filled with these examples and people tire of them. It is boring and worthless to spend your time, money and energy with techniques that may have hit a target when they were fresh, brand new and unknown. Now all of your clients and those who you associate with are either tired of those techniques or actually try to use them themselves.
Here is something that is rarely used and most times successful: Be 100% honest with your approach.
I am not inferring that you are dis-honest with your other approach, but let me explain deeper.
• Not all brides are a match for you and your business- stop acting like they are.
• When it isn’t a match, it behooves you to take action to let her know
• If you don’t like a technique, great chances your customers won’t either
By looking at these items (and most other sales/marketing techniques) if we are not looking through the eyes of our potential clients and applying the test of “is this something that would work with me/is this turning me off?”, then we probably should.
Going back to the elevator speech-What if instead of going up and “we are the tri states area best_______ and rated __________. We have been providing top notch ___________ to our customers for ____ years”, we were to say something along the lines of “ Hi- I’m Rick. I get a little nervous at these types of events but wanted to meet some new folks- tell me what do you do?” I promise you will walk out further ahead with friends and people who like you enough to consider taking the next step in potentially doing business with you that you would with the latter.
Until Next Week- Play Like a Champion!


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