And I thought I was prepared…

Last week I spoke at a regional Mobile Disc Jockey convention. What a Great conference! The conference had some of the Best ever in the DJ world. They taught us how to expand our businesses, how to improve in our craft and inspired us to greater heights in our careers. We actually had one person come as far away as New Zealand- Half a world away!
Like you, there are things that can pop up that nobody can foresee in their lines of work. One of those “things” popped up. It was a squirrel. This squirrel decided to jump on the transformer that controlled the building that we were in. The transformer blew and in the middle of my talk, everything went dark and silent. The emergency lights came on and the promoter of the event told everyone he was on it (we would find out in a few minutes what that meant).
The talk I was giving (6 Golden Nuggets- the 6 behaviors of the Wedding Mastermind) was brand new- this was the first place I had given the talk. I went over it 5 times the night before and probably around 25 times total. I practiced my timings and really felt I had my material down.
Well, now I had the chance to prove that theory.
Once the emergency lights came back on, I simply looked up and said, “Let me take my jacket off and let’s continue”. In being candid- I thought the electric going off was a blip (the weather was fine) and would come back on in just a few minutes. I was prepared and continued my talk to a warm round of applause. Very nice group!
That is where the story get’s interesting.
The show promoter, Robbie Britton, came in the room about 5 minutes later. He announced about the recently departed squirrel (the crew found the squirrel as they were replacing the transformer and sent Robbie a picture), he told us what the plan of action was (they were looking to find a replacement and Robbie was looking for a secondary location if they were not able to find a replacement) and (here is the fun part) Robbie brought three generators with him, and an extra projector (the main projectors were hard wired into the conference center and could not be used as they were 20 feet above us bolted to the ceiling) “just in case”.
Within 10 minutes, Robbie had sound and projection running again, so I didn’t have to do the “Unplugged” version of my seminar.
Here is the point: Problems happen. Not “If”, but “when”. Robbie was prepared and the convention went on without a hitch. Robbie had thought three levels deep on potential problems and was prepared for it. Imagine this: you travel from New Zealand and because of a stupid squirrel, your trip is ruined. Robbie took full responsibility and was ready.
Homework assignment: Think 3 levels deep on your business of “what happens if…” and write down some potential outcomes and solutions.
When you become a Student of your business and your craft, the word “Professional” comes to mind. You will stand out from the “no/Low value” competitors who make it all about Price.
Until Next Week, Play Like a Champion!


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