A response to a Common Comment

A response for the “Going in a different direction”
Sometimes (not often, but sometimes) you can save a sale. There is an old saying out there (I first heard it about 25 years ago) that says, “Buyers are liars”. While I don’t “buy” into that saying, I do understand that many times it is easier to avoid, then when you can’t avoid, make some comment like “we’re going in a different direction” as most people do not know how to overcome the statement. In fact, look at yourself- Have you ever been less than truthful with a salesperson?
Usually when someone comes up with a statement like “we’re going in a different direction” , there are 1 of three reasons:
1) They truly are going in a different direction. They found someone or something else that better fits what they are envisioning and they are going that route.
2) It’s about money. They didn’t plan/expect what the cost would be, and they are not ready to spend that money.
3) It’s about trust. They have not yet felt that you are the person for them. You may be the best- absolutely perfect in what you do, but there is not enough knowledge and trust in that knowledge that you are the person for them. Remember- if they do not understand you enough, you are responsible. If you take credit for the “wins” (the sales) you have to take credit for the “losses” (the walk aways).
Let me remind you- at this point you have not gained a sale. You can reach out and try to save a sale, but if you are worried about “losing” this sale, forget about that- you already are there, she has mentally decided not to buy from you. I mention this because too often, a Wedding vendor is shy about asking the hard questions. They justify as “I don’t want to be pushy”, or “ I don’t want to offend her”. You have earned the right to ask the hard questions- do it. Do you feel you have the right to ask a simple question? Here are a few responses for you to try:
Response #1
“Do you mind if I ask a hard question: (let them respond- if they say no, ask it anyhow) I don’t hear that response much, but when I do, I usually find out it is one of three things 1) it’s about the price 2) they are not sure I can do what they want me to do 3) they had a friend or relative offer to do it for free or cheap. Is what we’re talking about any of these reasons?”
Response #2
Not sure if there was anything I could have done differently, but if there was, what might that be?
Response #3
Thank you for letting me know. Most people don’t want to be rude and tell me “no”, and I appreciate your being candid with me, so we don’t waste each other’s time. Curious if there was anything that made a huge difference?
By being vague, you open the door for them to respond- remember they will not know how to respond to vague questions. You have not lost the sale- you simply have not gained it. Go the extra step and maybe gain 1 or 2 more this year

Until Next week, Play like a Champion!


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