The problem with Dabbling

In an industry that demands Perfection (ask any wedding professional the last time they had a Bride that wanted a “mediocre” wedding), it seems as though we can’t swing a dead cat and find examples of the opposite end of perfection.

There is more information out there, more resources available to Wedding Professionals to become the absolute best that they can be. I’m not necessarily talking about the business end of things, I am more speaking of my main competition (in my world) that being the “fulfillment/technician skill set” improvement arena. Get out your dead cat again and start swinging- You cannot help but find someone that is truly an expert who can help one to improve their abilities in their profession or in what they provide to the Brides.

If you are a photographer- there are regular meetings to train you on lighting, posing, workflow. If you are a Cake Maker, there are always new techniques in sugar molding, in crafting and decorating, In Flowers, In Entertainment there are always someone that can help you improve to become better.

My question is this…..Why don’t more people do more to improve?

I think I have the answer…. They Dabble. They stick their big toe in the water of the Wedding Industry and then sit by the side of the pool trying to act as though they are Mark Spitz or Michael Phelps.

The industry is full of these kind of vendors who…

· Don’t seek out higher learning

· Don’t join with other professionals to uplift the industry

· Do race to the bottom on Price

· Put out a bad image of the real professionalism of the industry.

Simply put, we are wedding professionals and the others who “dabble” don’t help us out.

In the future, can I ask that when you see a “dabbler” such as this, you suggest they join the professional organizations such as ADJA, NACE, ABC, WEVA, PPA as well as the many terrific local associations. When you get a person who says “hey I just read a book on wedding planning”, or, “I just bought a cool camera”, tell them to hang with a professional as an unpaid apprentice for a while (I did when I started). Tell them to either get in or get out, not to dabble. Tell them to go to the professional conventions and learn the standard that is out there set by the many fantastic Wedding Proffessionals who are passionate and truly professional in what they provide.

Let’s all help set a higher standard (by the way- I practice what I preach- call me and I will tell you how)

Until Next Week, Here’s to your Success!


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One Response to “The problem with Dabbling”

  1. Makia Walls Says:

    Wonderful article and your point is very clearly explained. There is nothing wrong with planning your own wedding and enjoying it so much that you decide to become a “wedding planner”. But do the work to become a professional or just do it for fun, for free and inform people that you are a “dabbler” and not a professional.

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