The Shy Salesperson

Above is a cartoon I had commissioned. The idea behind the cartoon is that many times those who need our services most deny us as they view us as “salespeople”. The prospect many times are sick and tired of “salesman” trying to sell them something they don’t need. The problem is that even when the prospect “needs” something, their bad experience with the annoying, bad salespeople turns off any potential future sales people , good or bad.
When we as consumers turn off all salespeople we sometimes miss out on the stuff that can help us in our businesses and our lives.
Now put yourself in the shoes of the Bride. She goes to a Bridal Show, signs up on a website , or somehow joins a lead list. She get inundated with bad, horrible, terrible sales techniques that simply don’t work. Some of it on the surface may not seem to be bad, but it is the equivalent of a dog sitting on it’s hind legs waving it’s paws up and down begging for a treat.
Many of us get into the Wedding Industry and we DREAD selling. We picture ourselves as possibly portraying the above scenario. In so doing, we avoid selling and we let the Bride control the movement of the transaction.
When we get shy about asking for the sale, we lose sales.
A Bride does not know what is next. She many times takes the route that she has been trained to take.
“Never Buy on the first visit” , “Sleep on it”, and “Do your research” have been driven into us by our parents, by society and we have even at times encouraged others to do the same. This is the training that she has received and is using in her buying process. Because she has been trained this way, doesn’t mean that she should go down this path.
Let me ask you this- She is taking your time, borrowing of your expertise and many times, sampling your products, or at least putting wear and tear on your life; Have you earned the right to ask her a simple question like , “What should we do next- should we do some paperwork?”
Our fear keeps us away from asking for the sale and this fear is costing us money. I will challenge you to do this- go out and ask every appointment you have for the sale. Don’t be obnoxious (don’t cram it down their throat in other words) and also- very important:
Don’t worry about losing the sale that you don’t yet have.
If they have not signed with you and you are “hoping” that they might and by you asking for the sale will push them away, is not a valid reason for you to “hide” from asking. Hope is not a strategy I suggest to my clients and I would advise you to not “hope” yourself into getting nothing. Doesn’t mean that you will get the sale, but in the immortal words of Wayne Gretztky-
You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take~!
Tell me your success stories- I want to hear them
Until Next Week, Here’s to your Success!


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