Overcoming the “Now What?” Syndrome

One of my kids favorite movies is “Finding Nemo’. I often get to listen to this movie as we drive (I listen- they watch). One of my favorite scenes is the ending scene. In the movie Nemo is taken from the open sea and brought to a nice, but confined fish tank far away. In the tank were other fish who wanted to escape and get back to the sea. Well they finally hatch a plan where they will break the automatic tank cleaner and are put in little plastic bags and then they would push themselves in the bag out the window, into the sea. The scene I loved is this: when they actually make their plan happen, they are in the plastic bags (stuck) , in the sea. One of the fish turns to the leader and says “Now what?”. They had a great plan…. To a point.
Many times in the Wedding world, we plan for this great business, we get great training, fantastic equipment and a wonderful location. We have all the tangibles (the “ffe”-Furniture, fixtures and equipment), what we don’t have so much of is Brides (customers). We create this great structure for the business and then have our own “now what?” moment.
One of the greatest needs is Lead Generation. Without Lead generation, we are mired in the mud. The unfortunate part of lead generation in the wedding industry is that Brides rarely wear a neon sign that says “Hey I’m a Bride!”. I have seen many wedding businesses get their foundation started (they get all the stuff together to be able to “do” what they do) and then feel the need for advertising (they read a few books somewhere along the line and they know that they “have” to advertise) so when someone knocks on their door, they many times buy.
Now they have to create (another “Now What?” moment)- a Bridal Show Booth, an ad in a wedding magazine, content for a website, a brochure, postcard, etc… This is something that they are not used to , so they throw some stuff together based on what they may have seen out there before (I wrote an article about recycled garbage advertising a few weeks back that addresses this issue- you can find it on my blog). This step is many times, put off (when the mind is confused, it shuts down- they suffer from a degree of confusion and they shut down in getting this done). When they delay, they cannot possible create the best view of their business that is possible.
Here are a few tips to help overcome the “Now What? Syndrome:
1) Plan on advertising/marketing/anything to do with advertising/marketing as a necessary expense. This is as necessary an expense as electricity- in fact if you have to choose, go with advertising. You can go without electricity in your business, you CANNOT go without customers.
2) Educate yourself so you can rely on what you do and what you create will be good for you. Here is my adage: Plan with Purpose or get Results with Regret. You have to own every aspect of your business and understand the importance of marketing and Advertising- Get good at this slice of your business and you will do great.
3) Don’t put it off because you are unsure- get sure and get a great result. Starting now to plan the brochure, Bridal show booth, ad in a Wedding Magazine will benefit you like you do not know. Many times you will go through 3-4 versions of the final edit. This requires time (in the case where you are doing anything with a Graphic designer, they have other clients and you will have to wait to get to the top of their list). When you decide to be in a Wedding Magazine, bridal show, website, etc.. that is the beginning, not the end. Plan accordingly and Get r Dun.
If you know anyone who is suffering from “Now What” please forward this message to them- they might be able to adjust and find their way to success and that is the direction I want all of you to go.

Until Next week, Here’s to your success!


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One Response to “Overcoming the “Now What?” Syndrome”

  1. Amy Hammond Says:

    Very well said! You painted picture of how we often have this amazing plan, and once we get there….we ask “now what?” Having the ability to work a plan, to take our business, and even our lives to the next level is critical for success! THANK YOU Rick for giving us tools, so just like a carpenter, we can build things to the next level! 🙂

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