Plan the Party, but don’t send out the invitations

This week as I was flying back from Dallas, I sat next to a lovely woman who was engaged. We had a great conversation and as she had a pretty solid background in marketing, I relayed to her in basic terms what I do. I explained that Brides are many times an elusive target. They think they know how to buy all the stuff for their weddings but they really don’t shoot at the proper target. I added that many times the Wedding Vendor is flabbergasted at how to reach the Bride. They essentially set up a business that is not able to be found. This lady then replied,” Sounds like someone setting up a fancy party, but not sending out the invitations”. Hit the nail on the head.
Without Effective marketing (I will expound on the effective part in a moment) your business can be the absolute best at what you do, but you will not be found. In fact, pretend that you decide to give away all your old inventory or unsold dates; if nobody knows about it, you won’t even be able to give it away.
The Effective part of your marketing is how you
A) Speak to the Bride in Her Language
B) Don’t so much tell her what you do, but most important what you do for her
C) Hold her by the hand and help her take the next step.
Let’s go back to the giving it away for free part; how do you get the word out? Facebook, twitter? Do you send out a postcard or put out some brochures? How about get a booth at a Bridal show or put an ad in a local Wedding Publication? Most would stop at the free or very cheap stuff. They would not want to put too much into giving away their stuff. Point taken. Now let’s look at things from the Brides point of view:
Reaching out to her with just the free types of advertising to have her spend money on your products/services is not enough. Put yourself in the position of being a consumer. When you get an unsolicited (even if you see the product or service listed on facebook or an advertisement somewhere). You first need to have a desire or need to buy the product or service. Second you need to be moved into action (because the psychology of most people is money is something they want more of and you don’t get more money typically by spending it- it will take some leverage or some motivation to get you to part with your money) Third, you will need to see absolute value in what you are parting with your money for. Your potential Bride is the same, with one further requirement: This is the one day that needs to be perfect, so she will use extra scrutiny.
Changing our Marketing to become Effective usually is just a few twists- it is what I call the one percent difference. The main thing is to get it (your marketing) out there. To be the best kept secret out there is not a good thing, in fact when you see a product or service that claims to be “the best kept secret”, you have to laugh- Why would you want your product or service to be a secret? After all- If you are throwing a great party- you want people to show up!
Until Next Week,
Here’s to your Success!


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