The reason why you struggle

Most of you are facing a problem that is greater (MUCH greater) than the Competition
It is Hugely bigger than the Budget Brides who beat you up on Price
It is Ginormous when compared to the problem of simply getting your phone to ring

The problem is simple- the problem is You.

Let me back up- It is not so much that you are bad, or not good enough or even worth higher prices.
It is more basic than that…..
You are isolated.
You are isolated in your own experience, making decisions without having someone to be able to bounce off of, isolated in shrouding yourself with only you and not others.
Fact is, and I say it is a Fact when you are isolated it is almost impossible to be able to see what is happening out there
• You can’t see what you can’t see and need to see about your business. When you create something, you take emotional ownership of that thing. When it comes to getting the word out about you and your business, if the piece you created will not work and you own it emotionally, you will not get the response you need.
• There is a great big world that is happening and methods that are working – by isolating yourself away from these techniques, you are in essence putting a fence around you to keep you away from what matters- Results
• You have experienced much, but no one person’s experience can compare to that of hundreds, let alone thousands
Why is it that the greatest player in the history of the game had and needed a Coach
Which game? I don’t care- you choose. Point is that every champion always had a coach who, no doubt, was less qualified than were they at the technical side of performance. These champions all had a coach because
A Coach can and will be able to see things you cannot.
Before you start thinking ahead- let me assure you….
If you are happy with your results and would not be happier with more or better results- you can stop reading right now.
If however, you are not happy with your results and you feel that you would not be happier with more or better results, maybe we should chat.
Having a set of eyes and ears is fine but… You need more than that.
You need a set of Trained eyes and Trained ears who not only understands you and your business, but understands your potential clients and how to reach them.
Could you benefit from…
• A specific set of Daily actions trained to get you more appointments
• A specific criteria list of what will and what will not work to increase your bottom line (hint: this is what will help decide where and how you spend your efforts and money in your marketing)
• Knowing where the weak points of conversion are in your process
• Having the measurements and the blueprints of what works and what does not work with very successful Wedding Businesses in this economic downturn
• Being able to turn to someone to see what may have gone wrong, so you can fix it next time
• Having someone who will keep you accountable for actions which are costing you money now and will make you money when you do them.
If you are done with being isolated in a Business that needs to be doing better to bring you and your family the results you deserve, let’s chat.
For a limited time, I have 6 coaching slots available.
To see if you qualify, email me to set up a one on one chat to see if we have a match.
In the meantime, click on the link below for more info:

Almost forgot- Ask me how and why I guarantee you will get results and build your bottom line when we chat.


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