The 5 elements to a Great Marketing Strategy

The depth of what you do ( or are not yet doing) with your Marketing is quite deep. I often get asked simple questions as to one simple piece or portion of one element of an overall marketing strategy. The problem is this:
It is only one part- not the whole.
Many times we think that we put a booth in a Bridal show, an ad in a wedding magazine. We meet with 2-3 vendors or we put out some brochures. Sometimes we revamp our websites or mail out some postcards. We do all of these things individually, not as a blended overall strategy.
Years ago I was told that a Bride needs to be “touched” 8 times before she will begin to build trust. I don’t know if that is true, but one thing I know is true- rarely does a Bride pick up one “piece” of your marketing pieces and decide to do business with you. This is also one reason why I spend so much time speaking about the psychology of the Bride- When you understand how she thinks, what makes her move into action and what is it that she is experiencing, you are better equipped to talk to her on whether you have a match with your products and services or not.
Your “whole” marketing strategy needs to be well thought out to be 2 things: Consistent and Constant. The consistency of your strategy will show when pieces are in line with each other. When you and who you are is in line with what you are putting out to the world. You message also needs to continue to flow- like a river that keeps moving. It may slow a bit with the seasons, but not like a Dam release where you flood everything and then have a drought. You need to constantly be out there as you never know when the Bride will want to consider hiring what you do or provide.
There are five areas that I focus on when I work with my clients. They are:
1. Appearance- What do you and your marketing material that you put out there to represent you look like
2. Presence- How constant is your presence and how do you as an individual work one on one with others
3. Strategy- Do you have a strategy that is consistent and constant, let alone effectively utilizing your strengths and covering your weaknesses
4. Follow up- How is your follow up- Timely follow up is crucial to the overall marketing strategy
5. Measurement- How do you measure your results? Do you do it once and quit? Do you have definitive measurements that are effective or are you simply saying “How’d you hear about us?”
This message may be shutting down a lot of you. It may be irritating something deep inside you as “how can I do this and run my business?” Let me share with you- If you don’t do this stuff, you will have much less business to run.
One of the Main Reasons why people hire me is to help give them the focus and outside point of view necessary to help them grow their business. It is hard to put out fires, to correct and adjust for life’s fastballs that are thrown, as well as enjoy your family. When you work on these five areas of your life, you will be creating systems that provide the better results you want.


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