A Funny thing Happens when you DON’T Advertise

I spoke last week in Austin Texas. One of the primary reasons I was there was a friend who used to advertise with me arranged the talk. As she introduced me, she reminded me of something I had said to her one time. She said, “This wise person once told me something that stuck with me. He said, ‘ a funny thing happens when you don’t advertise…Nothing.” She then turned and said- “that person was Rick Brewer and I have been able to successfully build myself on that theory”. She had been very successful and was Great at marketing herself and her business- she truly worked hard and her marketing and was seeing the results. Let me speak to that statement today.
Many a business starts with the ideas of the inner workings of the business being solved first-the technical parts. The parts that are giving of your “stuff” to the customer is typically the reason why the business starts in the first place. The fulfillment is the easy stuff because you are wanting to do it. I say the following statement often- when you focus on your marketing, you naturally do more of the fulfillment.
In the Wedding world, your marketing usually has a 6-12 month reach. In other words, the marketing you do today will have the monetary effect on you 6-12 months down the road. Brides who hear your message now may book no, they may give you a down payment now, but you typically will fulfill you services/products much further along. This is important- when you slow down on your marketing now, you will feel it then. It is vital to your business that you have a constant consistent marketing strategy that is always out there to effect what you are trying to accomplish with your business.
Having a marketing strategy in place many times is like the fly wheel described in the book “Good to Great”. In this description, author Jim Collins suggests you imagine a huge metal flywheel. It takes most of your might to get this flywheel to turn one rotation. The second rotation comes easier as you have momentum. The third, fourth and fifth rotation much easier. By the time you reach the 10th rotation, the flywheel requires a little effort to keep it moving as it has it’s own momentum to help keep it moving. When it loses momentum, however, it slows drastically and comes to a screeching halt very soon.
Your marketing should not be viewed as a downhill progression. You should not feel that all you need to do is to “get it going” and it will continue to roll on it’s own. To the contrary, you should have a hold on it where you are constantly tweeking, turning it up, turning it left/right, improving it one percent at a time. You will find that by tweeking it and slightly adjusting it, you will find a sweet spot that works.
When I had my wedding magazines, I saw people who would run the same ad year after year. Further I see people who are letting their websites become a static offering. I suggest that you do like I do and tune them up and change the appearance at least every other year (I will be launching my newest look in a few weeks).
Marketing is what works in creating a successful business. Show me one successful business that got there without successful marketing. Marketing is story telling. Tell a great story and create a vivid picture of what is going to happen when you are hired to help the Bride with her wedding.
Until next week, Here’s to your Success!


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