Why Don’t they Refer me More?

Satisfied Brides can be a great source of continued marketing. They have taken the risk of doing business with you and were not let down. Let me ask you a fun question: Have you ever gotten everything that you expect and then you think “Ehh….”. When you get what you expect, it doesn’t matter. Let me show you what I mean:

Think about your last experience with Fast Food. Let me have you re-live that experience for a moment:

-Did you go in or Drive Thru?

-What did you order?

-Did it take you the time that it should have to get you food (anything less than 5 minutes

is okay)

-Did it cost you what you expected it to cost?

– Did it taste like you expected it to taste?

You got what you expected-true? Did you tell anyone about it? Did you run to your computer to put a status update to tell all your facebook friends to go to that Fast Food place because you will get what you expect? Unless you are weird, you probably didn’t. The fact is when we get what we expect, well, we expected it. What is there to “rave” about.

Here is a suggestion that will help you get more referrals: Set them up for a referral and then ask for them. The main reason Brides do not give many referrals is because they simply are stuck in their own lives and do not know to give those referrals.

I believe that people are good at heart and want good things for others. Because the Bride is so stressed out about making her decision, when she finally does make that decision, she is still stressed that you, the vendor, will perform as hoped for. When you go and knock it out of the park, she will be happy to refer you out, however, she needs to be held by the hand and taken from step to step. In other words, the idea to refer you out does not come naturally to her (it only comes naturally to us, the business owners because we live it day to day)

When she signs the contract is the time to set up for the referral. Before you try to rush out to the bank to deposit her check, spend a few minutes with her determining how to make sure she and you are on the same sheet of music as to what a “satisfied” customer looks like. Once you ask her what it is she expects, then you can press forward and over-deliver on those expectations.

Plan on sending her something extra during the process. Whether this is you giving her more with what you provide (adding on extra service or throwing in something like a free DVD for Mom and Dad if you’re a videographer), giving her something special that she is not expecting in a way that you deliver that service (i.e. a special corsage for Grandma with her favorite flower), or something that is totally unrelated to you (a gift card to go out to dinner after the honeymoon when she is broke, a special 8 x 10 photo of them using your product or service, etc…) you will stand out and this will give you the chance to ask after the fact for that referral.

Brides trust Brides more than they trust us- use that to your advantage in your marketing strategy

Until next Week, Here’s to your Success!


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