Ego- The Biggest Business Killer

Many times, I have had friends and acquaintances start a business and knowing that I am a business consultant will query about what they should do regarding their marketing and sales. I give them solid advice, but because they are just starting out, they want to go it out on their own. It seems they are hell bent for a lot of pain. They seemingly want to make a lot of mistakes so they can grab what little glory they can find.

As many of you know, marketing is a fluid target and having someone who understands the landscape can be golden. It is hard to figure out what to do next, yet alone do it well because you are isolated in your own experience. When you have your own experience as well as that of a trained set of eyes and ears, you tend to be a lot more dialed into better results.

In my world, I often have people who want to take what I have done and “improve” upon it. Let me ask you this; do you think I have not already measured and tweeked most versions of what I do? If you are wondering, I have. In fact I am constantly trying and testing what I do as I want better results.

People are people. Entrepreneurs tend to want to march to the beat of their own drum. In most cases, the main objective of becoming an entrepreneur is to find true freedom (something that most of us rarely feel in our jobs and this continues into our self-owned businesses). To achieve this true freedom, there needs be a financial reward that is so great we don’t or won’t feel any crunch. For most, this form of freedom in and of itself will be more than we ever hoped for.

This brings about a new question; If we are seeking financial freedom in our businesses, does it really matter where the ideas come from so far as we get to take the money to the bank? Believe me, even if we are so honest as to give credit where credit may be due , A) Most people will be paying attention to you driving around in a new vehicle, spending more family time with your kids and going on vacations they only dream of B) most people are glad to help and not care whether they get credit for the idea C) it is usually the work behind the idea that matters rather than the idea (while the idea is important, especially when it comes to adjustment and improvement, it is a very small part of success).

I have seen people who are too embarrassed to ask for help when that help could have saved them or their businesses. Think about this; there are few businesses who don’t face very hard times at one point or another during their existence. Those who have are happy to help those who are or are going to. A wise man once told me, “If you haven’t seen hard times in your business yet, don’t worry, you will!” I am always happy to help people who need a hand even though this is what I do for a living. I believe in the karmic law of reciprocity.

Now there are some who simply won’t help themselves on the other side of things. They either get too caught up in being “broke” so much that they will not invest in themselves or their businesses. They view things like Business consultants, advertising and marketing as an expense, while these may be the ONLY things that make them money. They happily spend money on the equipment and the true expenses. These people are good for the industry as they usually have to sell off their equipment to those of us who have money because we have spent the requisite time and energy in marketing ourselves (and they sell this stuff at a great discount too!)

Don’t be proud- be wealthy. Get help from someone who is trained to help and watch your business soar!

Until Next Week, Here’s to your Success!


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