Does Your Brochure….Suck?

Imagine that someone is asking you to spend thousands of dollars. You are considering buying their product or service (you have never bought this before, mind you and will be spending more money than you have spent before). What kind of marketing materials would you expect? What level would you expect that this vendor would climb to in order to showcase their offering in a manner that would be befitting the product/service they sold?
Most brochures in the wedding industry are mere copies of other brochures they have seen out there (and those suck to begin with). The person creating the brochure simply takes parts and pieces to another’s brochure that they like and integrate it into their own brochure. Further, in most cases I have seen, they take the shortcuts of having the brochure put together either by themselves or someone else who is not a professional.
The elements of the sucky brochure are typically all about the business, who they are, their prices, their equipment- all things that don’t matter yet. These things may matter later on in the buying cycle, but not yet. What matters now are all the things that matter to the Bride such as;
1) Are you going to bring out her vision which unfortunately she doesn’t know what it is (you need to pull it out of her)
2) Why should she trust you with the most important day of her life
3) Are you speaking to her in her language?
4) Do you tell you what you or what you will do for her
These are basic things, but as I speak to groups of Wedding Professionals, I rarely have anyone who has a business card or brochure that knocks my socks off (and for the record- most business cards suck too). They have not simply taken a look further than what the typical brochure is and they look to blame other things like “people aren’t handing out my brochure for me” or “brides aren’t buying.
Interestingly enough, Brides are buying throughout the country and they are buying in your town. Let me prove my point: Have you had a Bride come into your business, spend time with you only to go to your competition and buy? Have you heard of this happening with your peers? Brides are out there and they want to buy from trusted vendors. When we create the marketing pieces that attract them into our businesses, we win. Mostly we repel them as we simply do not speak in her language, or in a way that matters to her.
Look at your current brochure. Also take a look at your business card. Now set them down.
Imagine that your prospects could look into your soul- they can see into your mind and your heart. They can instantly know your experience and knowledge along with how passionate you are about what you do. They can see all the extra touches that you put into what you do, they see how you go the extra mile.
Now compare that with what your brochure/business card says. Which is the stronger message?
Brides want to buy- let them know the real you without sending out a sucky brochure.

Until Next Week, Here’s to your success!


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