The Big Three….Now What?

I hope you all had a great Valentines day. This one day accounts for a ton of spending and a ton of effort in the name of romance. That is the business we are in- Romance.
There are three days of the year which account for almost 20% of all engagements for the year… We just had the third yesterday… Now what? Now that all these girls are engaged and out there looking for all the stuff they will need to make their wedding dreams come to reality. The problem for you is, how do they find you. Many wedding vendors will book the majority of their year in the month of February, question is, will you?
When you look at the typical Bride, you will see a girl who has planned her Wedding since she was a little girl. That is one reason why Valentines Day is such a great day for her knight in shining armor to propose. She has not done this before and will soon be bombarded with ads (a lot of the really bad too) for all the “stuff” she is going to buy. It becomes hard to stand out amongst the competition because she has trained herself to shut down on advertisements.
The average person is approached (by TV, Radio, Billboards, etc…) everyday with about 4500-5500 ads. Much of this is simply Branding which is tuned out. Let me show you. Right now- pretend (heavy emphasis on Pretend) that you could get $1 for everything that you can see without moving that could be deemed “advertising”. Whether it be a logo, a sign, anything that is reaching out to you to make or keep you as a customer. Now continue this as you watch TV later on, as you listen to the radio, especially as you drive down the road.
There are a lot of bad ads out there and we as business owners many times copy them, either in whole or in concept. Look at what the average ad attempts to get you to do (something, nothing, anything?). Many times the average ad just throws itself out there as though you have been waiting all your life for them to magically appear. Unless you are the iPad and you have the equivalent hype behind you, you need to hold your customer by the hand and take her to the next step.
If your marketing is out there and reaching the Bride, the next step you need to accomplish is to get her to act. By acting, I am speaking of having her call you, log onto your website, make an appointment, request a special report, etc… The next step many times is confused with the end result which is to get the sale. The sale is actually about 4 steps away and the fact is nobody can or rarely will take 4 steps at once.
What happens if your marketing is not reaching the Bride is simple…. Nothing. You cannot be a choice if she doesn’t know about you. This is why you get bombarded with advertising- the typical advertiser is trying to do all they can to “get the word out” so they can be a choice. To many times, they resort to acting desperate and repel away potential clients. One of the keys to simply being a choice is to go where the Brides go.

Your advertising typically needs to reach out to the Bride 4-5 times before she will begin to gain trust. This is because of the blinders she has on where she is trying to avoid being “sold” Speak to the emotions of the Bride and she will want to buy (but will never want to be “sold”).
There are a ton of Brides out there right now who are a perfect match for you and your product/service. Learn the right ways to reach out to all of these Brides to take the next step and you will end up with more Brides on the books for 2011.

Until Next Week, Here’s to your success!


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