The First Impression

Many times I met with various business people who I wish I could perform a personality implant. Either that or a “personalityectomy” (personality removal). They seemingly do not view how they come off. Don’t get me wrong, they are perfectly nice people and they really would be cool to hang with. It is just that they need some simple adjustments. I want to speak of some of the worst cases that I have met and realize that most reading this will not apply this advice to themselves, but to others around them (in other words, it is the natural person who will look outwards of themselves to find imperfections in others first rather than themselves). There are two main problems I want to speak about today.

The biggest problem I see (and in particular this stands out when they are face to face with a customer) is too much talking, not enough listening. The rule of thumb is 2:1 ratio of listening to talking when you are working with a customer. Imagine this: the customer is interested in who? Themselves- Right? They are interested in their needs and their desires. Remember that they are only speaking to you because of these needs and desires. Ask pertinent questions which get to the heart of the matter which is, what is it going to take for them to trust you enough to consider doing business with you? Get good at asking pertinent questions about your customer and you will see more sales come through.

The Number 2 problem is how people present themselves. I am speaking of presentation in three areas: 1. Dress 2. Opinion 3. Physical/emotional state . Let me explain each area;

1. Your attire is what you are projecting yourself to be. Included in your attire is your hair, your jewelry, tattoos, facial hair and your hygiene. Imagine that you are going to hire an attorney or an accountant. They show up wearing those black sneakers that try to pass off as dress shoes. Above that they are wearing pants with the elastic stretch on the waistline. Add to that, they have a polo type shirt that is faded with color. Their hair is long and while brushed, is not kept let alone stylish. They are wearing a cheap watch, their fingernails are unkept and facial hair is not maintained (and to ladies this means eyebrows). What does that picture say to you? Does it scream someone you want to trust your business too? Paint a mental picture of what you would seen portrayed on TV as a successful attorney or accountant. That is where we all should head. I have a much longer diatribe about how you appear, but this is the basic stuff. Oh- no long hair for men and no tee shirts (definitely no pocket protectors)

2. We all have opinions which we are entitled to. We are not entitled to share them with vigor with everyone and expect those who hear us with our feelings and thoughts to want to spring to action and do business with us. Present yourself as positive with a hopeful outlook. Even if your customer is crabby and opinionated, they are allowed- you are not. It doesn’t matter what happened on the Sunday games, the evening news or anything else except the matter at hand which is your customer. When you blast out all the sports logos, bumper sticker sayings and things which don’t matter to the business at hand you tend to alienate potential customers.

3. We all work hard. We all have worries and struggles. Nevertheless, we need to put on our happy face and not present ourselves to be tired, to be sad, angry, frustrated, sick or negative. These things happen, but frankly speaking, nobody really cares what bad stuff is happening to you unless they are near and dear to you (those are the people who will visit you in the hospital when you get in a car wreck- nobody else wants to hear it)

Take a look at how you come forward to your customers and see if you can put out a better you to the world and watch sales climb!

Until Next Week, Here’s to your success!


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