Clutter Creates Chaos!

You’ve probably heard the adage, “a cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind”. That adage is very true in fact , the type of clutter that kills a small business person’s productivity which is worse than a cluttered desk is rarely spoken of.

Keeping ourselves organized is a full time job sometimes. In fact many of us live on good intentions when it comes to clearing up loose ends and keeping ourselves organized. While we have these perfect intentions of taking care of organizing and filing at a later point (and I recommend that you do these tasks when you energy is best spent) we often want to put it off or replace it with an activity that is more fun when that later point comes around,

There are two types of clutter which kills us- the clutter of physical stuff; unfiled paperwork, messy office and the stuff we needed to put away but did not and the clutter of emotional stuff- the things we forgot to write down, the intended actions that we put off or the tasks we know we need to get done or suffer the consequences later.

The problems associated with these two types of clutter are wide and plentiful, but they equate to one result: Pain in our lives. When we forget to complete a task that we know we should have done, when we can’t find that piece of paper that we wrote an important note on or we forget to pay a bill because it is neatly stacked amongst a foot of un-filed paperwork, we suffer the consequences. Sometimes the consequences may not be that bad, but other times ; forget about it- it really, really hurts. There are side effects as well; other people’s perceptions, credit scores and wasted time that would have been far better spent on something else.

The rewards of being organized are measurable and beneficial. The top salesman, the top producers are always organized. If they organize themselves, or hire someone else to do it, it doesn’t matter. Either way, the organization gets done or they are more productive which results in a better bottom line. The top producers are focused and measured in their responses and actions. They know what they are doing next and they also are prepared to do it. As a result, they make more money with less effort and they stay within compliance of whatever standards are necessary for them. Further, their lives are easier. Not sure if you could use an easier life where you make more money and stay out of trouble (oh- in many cases you actually save money too- think about simple, everyday tasks like renewing your car registration- they mail it in soon so they don’t get a ticket, a late charge or any headaches associated with the renewing of their tags)

If you could use a new approach on your organization, start first by taking care of your physical organization- organize your paperwork, your equipment, your stuff. Make sure everything has a place 9and only one place, not 2-3 for similar items) Make sure you have a clear workplace. This will free your mind to focus on the necessary and put yourself into a systematic way of working with proper flow to your routines.

This is like going to driving to work everyday- If you constantly had to look for changes because of constant road construction- getting on and off the freeway at different places everyday , un announced lane changes, stopped traffic and more- you constantly have to be on the alert as opposed to when everything is fluid and traffic flows uninterrupted. You get to where you are going faster as well as with more ease, perhaps you’ve made a phone call or two (on a blue tooth headset of course!)- it has been easier and more beneficial to you.

There was a study I read and I cannot remember where I read it that said Waiters and Waitresses can remember 95% of their current tables orders as well as who had what, sat in which seat, etc… while the orders were still open. 15 minutes after they closed the order, they could only remember 20% or less. The point is this: the Human brain is trained to hold onto information until it is no longer necessary. If you are able to free up some of your Hard drive or RAM, you will be able to better focus on the things in your business that will make you money.

Until next Week, Here’s to your success! +


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