Creating a Sales System that works (4 of 4)

There are two things that Brides do at the typical sales appointment which drive me crazy. First- They wait until the end to say that they want to check with someone who isn’t there (i.e. I need to check with Mom, Dad, Fiancé, my UPS guy…etc.) and Second, they say they want to “sleep on it” (they also say things like I want to think it over). Both of these items are basically a delayed decision. Why is it they will not make the decision then and there. Sometimes it’s a yes, sometimes it’s a no. Either way, if they would make a decision, it would make our life easier!
When a Bride doesn’t make a decision, most times it is a “no”. They are usually hung up on one of two things: They can’t or won’t afford your price; they don’t see the value or trust that you are the one for them. They don’t want to say no for the same reasons you and I don’t want to say no- we are trying to be polite. Our mother’s taught us not to be rude and by declining someone’s service, it is a “rude” or hard thing to do. But think about this: how much time do you spend chasing after them? They say things like “looks good, let me check one thing and I’ll get back to you” and you call them 53 times trying to seal the deal.
While we are spending most of our time chasing after a Bride who will never buy, wouldn’t it be nice to just have her tell us “no” and we can spend that time going after some brides who will maybe buy? I used to spend about 30-40% of my time chasing prospects who had already made the decision, they just didn’t tell me. If I had spent that time going after new business, I probably would have had a much better bottom line.
Getting Brides to make a decision is a tricky thing. In a previous weekly message, I mentioned that you don’t want to be or even appear to be pushy. On the other hand, the Bride is taking your time and you have earned the right to be able to ask the hard questions or ask them to make a decision to either move forward or part friends. Let me ask you this: out of 10 appointments, how many of them will want to delay their decision? 2? 4? 8? What if you put forward the idea of making a decision to go to the next step or parting friends at the beginning of the appointment when this is not yet an issue as opposed to the end of the appointment when they have already said they wanted to delay the decision?
Too many times we put ourselves into this position of having a “tug of war” with our prospects. This tug of war gets us fighting against what they want. In a Tug of war, with relation to the direction we are going, which direction are we going in relation to our customers? Away from them- correct? That is why we need to simply not participate in a tug of war. We do not need to agree with everything they want, but we can shift them into activating their minds. When we agree in the beginning of the appointment that we will make a thumbs up or thumbs down decision at the end of the appointment, we are avoiding the tug of war and actually working one on one with the Brides.
When Brides want to check with someone who is not there, this can be a good thing. Again, you want to agree in the beginning that if there is someone else that needs to be involved in the decision making process (as a Dad, I would want to check in with a vendor I am spending a ton of money with to help my little girl make the right decision- seems reasonable-Right?), that you, the Bride and the other person (or people) meet with you again. Ideally you would have them at the appointment in the first place- but that is another newsletter for another week!
Not every Bride you meet with is going to be a good match. In fact if you have a 100% closing ratio, you need to raise your prices. Get the Brides to make more decisions and you will grow your bottom line!
Until Next Week, Here’s to your Success!


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