Creating a Sales System that Works (3 of 4)

I don’t want to be pushy…
So many Wedding Vendors often tell me “I don’t want to be pushy- I give the Bride the information and they can make up their mind”. I like that idea too. Problem is that the Bride doesn’t buy off of face value of what everyone offers. She buys off of emotion and the person who is best at tapping into that emotion will win. Sometimes just reaching out to the Bride at the right time will win also, but because of the fear of the appearance of being “pushy” people lose out on business. Today I would like to talk about 2 things; A) How to be communicative , not pushy B) How to earn the right to connect on her terms, not yours.
Brides are buying things they haven’t bought before and you need to tap into the idea that they are resistant to this purchase because they don’t want to make the wrong decision. They will put off making the decision until they connect with that one person who will make their dreams come true.
Right now, my kids are playing. I have 2 girls and a little guy ages 8, 5 and 4. Guess what game the girls are playing- dress up and get married (and they are trying to marry little brother- he isn’t interested unless they will play trucks after). Your prospective customers are many times the same way-they start playing “wedding” when they are little and they dream about it for 20+ years. This day has to be perfect and everything has to go off without a hitch.
Now- here is where you come in. At this point where they are scared to move forward, Do you suppose they want to be “sold” by a salesman or guided by a consultant? When we become someone who can help them, they will most times gladly take you up on the offer. The key here is to have a system that allows them to make the right decisions and to communicate those decisions to you. You need to lead the charge, though in this communication.
Here is what leading the charge looks like: Starting off by telling them that you may be a match for them and their wedding and you may not, but after you meet, she will have a good feeling whether she should press forward or part are friends. Now, I can bet that many of you are thinking, “but Rick, I don’t want to tell her that we should part friends- I NEED the business”. I understand that many NEED the business, but have you ever booked a wedding that you wished you hadn’t?
By being honest and up front with them- Any chance you are the only one that is? (being honest and up front with them). Imagine your competition- are they using this simple technique or are they grinding this poor Bride down by being a serial stalker and calling her 15 times a day? The quickest way to trust is by being honest. Many times in today’s society, it is a very refreshing approach to take.
The other item on my list to discuss is how you have earned the right to ask a few hard questions. Let me first ask you this; Is your time worth money? If so, is a meeting with the Bride worth money to you? What if she isn’t intending to buy and will never buiy from you? Is the meeting worth money now?
My point is simple; if you feel that your time is worth money, then it is. You have earned the right to ask for certain behaviors. For example, when someone says they want to follow up with you later (after the appointment- the dreaded “I want to sleep on it”) , do you let them “sleep on it” (by the way- the only thing they are sleeping on is their bed- they are not thinking about you- you are the only one thinking). What is the typical response- do they call you up when they wake up? No, they get busy and forget about you and the sale cools down dramatically. Here is what I do- when someone needs to “Sleep on it” or talk to their Father, their Mother, etc, I ask, “You will probably get busy- if I don’t hear from you by _____________ Can I give you a call?” If they say no, the sale is probably dead. If they are interested, they will say “Sure!”.
Being a communicator. A Consultant. A person who will help is what the Bride wants- Don’t be pushy by any means!
Until Next Week, Here’s to Your Success!


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