Creating a Sales System that Works (Part 2 of 4)

I many times have vendors frustrated with Brides who only want to know about Price. These Brides measure us up as though we are all a common commodity like barrel oil prices- one is as good as the other. That is simply not the case. The problem is Brides do not have an accurate measuring tool that they can size us up with. The only yardstick they have to measure with is Money.
Getting a Bride off of Price can be a tricky situation. It is however necessary unless you want to compete and live in the world of “who has the best price”. There are many vendors who choose to work a business with lower pricing, which is fine. I feel that businesses that offer a better solution will more times come at a higher price and the quality that they offer is what the Brides want.
One of the main reasons why Brides suffer from Sticker shock and are expecting a low price is because of the price comparison that is out there. One of the first places a Bride will go is the Internet. When she starts perusing the different sites of your competitors she will see price and/or package ranges. The ranges go from low to high. Because she hasn’t purchased these items or services before, she will look towards the low end and go from site to site focusing on the low prices. If she sees $700, 800, 600 on a given product /service, she will think that the median price is around $700. When she gets in front of the wedding vendor who tells her that the average purchase is more like $1200, she gets that shocked look on her face while the blood drains from her head.
Brides get used to working on the “price” war front because large in part, we drive her there. Think about the standard questions that we ask her- do we not often ask what her budget is (by the way- YOU SHOULDN’T ASK THIS!) Does our competition put their price lists up on their web sites? DO we offer “deals if they book now” inferring that the price is negotiable and pointing the bride to be budget conscious? By our own actions, we push her into this modality of price matters, when in reality it does not. The only thing that matters is Priority for your product/service related to her wedding. If you are not a priority, it will be all about Price. Plain and Simple.
To get a Bride off of Price, we need to focus her on the emotional ties to your product/service for her wedding. This is easier said than done, I realize, but with practice and the right direction, you will get good at this. Asking questions related to the personal/emotional side of her wedding planning will get you so much further than the logic based questions such as ; Where is your wedding venue, how many guests will be there, when is the cocktail hour, etc… These questions don’t matter….Yet. They will once she decides to do business with you, but until then you need to build a relationship wherein she will trust you with the precious day that is her Wedding.
You will also be able to build that trust by being 100% empathetic to the Bride. Planning a Wedding is a really big deal. The typical Bride has a full time job, a busy social life, doing things with 2 sets of families now and so much more that her wedding planning is truly overwhelming (Good reason to hire a professional Wedding Planner  ) By being understanding to her, you will move forward in breaking down the buying barriers that are placed there by her and to gain trust so you can both accurately decide, “Do we have a match”.
Price is a big thing that the Bride uses because she is interested in going to the next step in finding out more about you, not necessarily because she wants to sign up right now. Use this indicator as a reason to take her to the next step and see if doing business will make sense for both of you.
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Until next week, Here’s to your Success


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