Creating a Sales System that puts you in Charge (Part 1 of 4)

Fact: Most Wedding Professionals do not know how to sell.
Fact: Very few who do have a planned, written method of selling.
Fact: Selling their product or service is crucial to the life and well being of their business.
Do you see the same problem that I see? Without proper sales skills and without the proper system your business will suffer which means you and your family will suffer. Many feel that in order to sell the have to be “pushy” or “lie” or even worse, give the Bride everything she asks for even if it doesn’t matter
Brides have typically never bought your stuff before. They will never buy it again. If someone who has never bought a product or service before is allowed to take charge of the sales process and wrestle control away from the business owner what are the chances that the sale will go the way that it should go?
We are professionals who deal with Brides on a constant basis. We know what should or would happen if they hired us. We also know what won’t or can’t happen. The Bride does not know what we know. If we were able to simply lay our cards on the table and show them to the Bride, we would have an immensely higher chance of winning that Bride over.

Brides are rarely honest with us because we come off as salespeople- you know the loud, obnoxious, pushy, plaid jacket wearing, bad breath having, used car selling, rip off that we think of when we think of a sales person. The Bride is afraid we will hold her down and steal her wallet.
If we are being honest, we will be simply be trying to see if we have a match or not with the Bride. That’s it. If we have a match, then we go forward together and figure out the next part of the equation. If we don’t, we shake hands and part friends.
Not all Brides are a Match.
This is the part that some people disagree and sometimes I have to prove to them that not all Brides are a match. I understand that sometimes you take on a less than ideal bride that you wished you wouldn’t have taken on. That situation is not what I am talking about. I am talking about taking on a Bride that never was close to being a match and will never be a match.
If the Bride won’t pay you- is that a match?
If the Bride’s Mother constantly harasses you-day in day out- Is that a match?
If the Bride won’t call you back on crucial information you need- Is that a match?
We need to put down the lack luster, crappy sales techniques we have learned and stop looking like a salesman and start to look like someone who is there to help. When we do this, we stand heads and shoulders above all the other competitors who still don’t get it and will continue to repel the Brides that are more attracted to us.
Developing a system is the first step. Honing that system and making it better each and every time is what our mission needs to be for the next 1-2 years so we can rest easy at night that we are doing our best to close those Brides who come in for appointments. When we do all that we can, we can hold our head high and we will continue to press forward in building our businesses.
If you would like a blueprint on a proven Sales System that works- click on this link.
Sell More Brides
You will find more information about my newest CD which is on sale (normally $39- now $25 + s & h) and for the first 53 people who purchase it, will receive an audio CD (you will have 2 choices) $40 value at no extra charge.
Develop a Selling system which will give you the bottom line you deserve!
Until Next Week, Here’s to your success!


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  1. Adizat Says:


    I didn’t see a link to find out more about your CD.

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