Tune Up Tips- 5 Habits to Create at the Appointment

When Brides come to meet with you face to face, that is the best chance you can have to get her to sign a contract or at the very least convince her to sign a contract. I always try to get people to improve by just a little at a time (what I call “one-percenting it”) or tune up their approaches to the ways that they do the various “things” in their businesses. It is the one percent that winners live. Think about the last race you saw- the winners don’t win by 10 or 20 times faster, stronger, better than their competitor. It is the same with you and your business. Here are some tune up ideas for face to face interactions with your Brides to help you close more sales.
1. Do your best to make them feel comfortable. When asked where the best place to meet the Bride is, there are not simple answers. By looking at the psychology of the Bride, you need to understand what is her buying cycle is like; is she meeting with other vendors at her house or their place of vendors, is she meeting them at a neutral place such as a coffee shop or at the venue where she will have her wedding? Either way, go out of your way to make her comfortable. Offer to get her a drink (unless you are at her home), ask her where she would like to sit, make sure she is okay and ready to meet.
2. Let her be dominant. In letting her be dominant, she can sit higher than you, she can sit at the head of the table, she deals the cards. I once had a vendor that was 6’6” and was a physically intimidating man. While there are some women who would like a man of this stature, many of the grooms would be a bit put off and naturally a little intimidated. I suggested that this vendor do all he could to make himself “small”- use a soft voice, smile a lot, sit when appropriate, show his “belly”. By letting her be dominant, you are not being weak or submissive, but allowing her to be in her zone to make a decision, while you control the sale.
3. Ask her permission. By asking her permission, you will be asking to step into her personal space when discussing her wedding and personal things regarding her wedding. This is important to do as you may stumble onto some sensitive information that would close down the Bride unless you have already asked if you can ask some questions. We don’t know each and every detail about our potential customers and may ask a question such as “will your Dad be walking you down the aisle” only to find out that Dad passed away earlier in the year and the Bride is devastated. Simply say “is it okay if I ask about some of the details regarding your wedding?” in the beginning and this may help you if you stumble upon sensitive stuff.
4. Stroke her ego. Her wedding is her wedding. Because her wedding is something that is uniquely her, she will want to impress everyone with what wonderful taste and sense of beauty and celebration that she has. Fact is, not all Brides have been blessed with this gift. Still the same, her wedding is her wedding and it really doesn’t matter if she has purple flowers in honor of the purple heart her grandfather’s war wound or if she has black speckled gold fish in bowls at every table for centerpieces. Be as genuine as possible and don’t judge. She has her reasons for everything she does and wants to be validated in those reasons
5. WOW! Her. Use the WOW effect when you meet with her. This is go the extra 10 steps in providing a Wildly Over the top Wonder filled experience when she meets with you. Bring her Sparkling cider in glass champagne flutes, give her some food/ snacks that cream elegant, get some M & M’s in her wedding colors in a bowl for her to eat. Whatever extra that you do will go further towards her thinking that you are tuned into her and will be tuned into her wedding.
Understand that a Bride will go into the appointment with a large amount of skepticism. Everyone has been screwed over by a salesman before and this is the one day that a “salesman” cannot ruin her day. Until you get her to lower her guard and look at you like a real person, she will view you as a salesperson. Use these 5 Tune Up Tips to help you get more sales!

Until Next Week, Here’s to your Success!


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