2 Sales Approaches, 2 Different outcomes…

You may have heard me say many different times that people don’t like to be sold but they love to buy. I had two different experiences this past week which illustrate this concept perfectly.

Experience #1

I was having some cards printed up at my local printer in Altamonte Springs (the Print Place-see Mike he is awesome and never fails to do a great job for me). While I was waiting for my order, a salesman walked in selling websites. Here was his approach to Mike:

“Hi-are you the owner? (Mike said “Yes”).I’m with xyz websites (I don’t want to smear anyone here-the guy may have been having a bad day). We have a program where we actually pay more than we make to anyone who could refer business to us. Would you be interested in hearing about it? Mike replies (by the way, Mike is one of the nicest people you could hope to meet-not rude and is kind with everyone I have seen him with)”I’m in the middle of 3 print jobs that need my attention so I can’t meet with you about it now.” The salesman simply ignored this and said “do you have your own website?” (I started to cringe because this guy was losing every bit of ground he may have been able to gain by simply not listening”. Mike said “yes” The salesman said, “would you like to improve it?” (not knowing if his site actually needs improving). Mike says, “no, things are doing pretty good with it”. Salesman replies, “can I ask why you wouldn’t even consider it?” (again, the tug of war has begun and this guy has no hope of winning because he won’t listen to his prospect). From that point it faded out nicely, only because Mike is a really nice guy and wouldn’t be mean, even to a bad salesman.

Experience #2

I was in meeting with Danielle, owner of a local Bridal “stuff” store. She sells all the fun, cute stuff that Bride’s love for their weddings that you usually have to order over the internet. One Bride looked online and found that she could walk into her shop right here in Orlando and pick up exactly what she needed, rather than wait. Here is how this went down: The Bride walked in and was immediately greeted with and enthusiastic hello, and was asked “what brings you by today”. Here’s where it goes forward:

Bride: “Hi, do you have the stickers that say “I Do” for the bottom of the my shoes” (when she kneels at the altar, everyone will then be able to read “I Do” on the soles of her shoes).

Danielle: “Absolutely! “(she turns and grabs for the labels), she continued,” how did you hear about us?”

Bride: “Orlando magazine for Brides” (remember Brides rarely take the time or effort to remember unless you make them remember by offering a special offer. Danielle had done so and the Bride produced her coupon)

Danielle: “When is your wedding?”

Bride: “Next week”
Danielle: “Oh, you need to look at ….. “ and Danielle went on to take a $3.95 order and turn it into a $45 order by simply showing and suggesting things after she has built a little rapport with the Bride. She showed alot of interest in the Bride and asked alot of questions.

Danielle had taken the time to build that rapport by talking to the Bride about what was important to that Bride. She took the time to relate to the Bride as well as to be excited for the Bride. She was really dialed in to her customer and the customer felt it.

Now granted, one scenario was a cold call where the other was a customer coming for a specific reason. Either way, when you listen, you build rapport, when you ask questions, you build rapport, when you care about the customers needs more than your own, you build rapport.

I highly encourage that all of you take the time to build rapport. True rapport building will allow you to get the Trust that is necessary to get the sale. Remember-no Trust, no Sale. Building True Rapport may take time, but it will be time well spent.

Until next week, here’s to your success!


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