Keep the Momentum Going… In the Right Direction~!

I know that when my schedule starts to get full, I tend to back off my agressiveness towards getting new Buisiness. I have however learned that when I get laxed in these times, I feel the pain later on.

Let me ask you one important question….

What is the number one reason why you got into this business? Was it because you loved weddings and you wanted to be around them all the time? Maybe you loved your craft and how that interacts with weddings. Did you expect to make money or was that your primary goal? Most people get into the wedding industry with a base goal of making a living doing what they do, yet they work more than they’ve ever worked before and make less money than they’ve ever made before. If we can shift that to working less and earning more, you would probably be okay with that-true? The aim of this email is to show you how to get your business going in the right direction and keep it going in that direction once you are there.

Momentum can be a two way street. You can have momentum heading towards great success or it can be careening towards a crash. The momentum that has you going in a crash is the type that has you constantly worrying about business and where the money to pay the bills is coming from next. My question to you is this; Which direction is your momentum going?

If you were to plot out on a chart where your business was two years ago and then put a point where your business was one year ago. Put one more point where you are today and where you expect to end the year out, you will see that things should be going up. Too many times small business owners don’t know where they were or where they are as they do not know how to measure properly. Simply speaking, if the line is progressively going up, you’re doing great. If it is up, down, up down, you have issues. Needless to say if you are trending down, you have problems.These problems can be fixed.

Measuring exactly where you have been, and where you are will give you a good indication of the direction of your momentum. Measurements can be in whole dollars earned. It can be in the number of weddings you did at an average price. The best measurement is the bottom line; how much money did you bring in after expenses.

The process of creating momentum in the right direction can be compared to the Space Shuttle leaving the Earth’s atmosphere wherein 90% of it’s fuel will be spent on the first 10 miles of a multi-thousand mile trip. Likewise, getting your business going in the right direction will spend a lot of energy and resources that will hopefully propel you into an ease of use which only requires a slight movement to continue the momentum at the current pace. Jim Collins illustrated this best in his best selling book , “good to Great”. His example is that of a giant fly wheel which has a handle on it. TO get the fly wheel turning and make one revolution, it takes everything you have. The Second revolution is slightly better and it becomes easier the third revolution. By the time you hit the 10th revolution, you may only require a few fingers to keep the flywheel moving.With most of you, you have done the hard work to get the momentum going, now you need to keep it going.

There are steps and foresight required to get the flywheel of your business going in the right direction. I will share some of these tips with you, understanding that in each city, the wedding business can range from being slightly different to vastly different from a city only a hour away. You will need to use your good judgment to find the path that will get you pointed in the direction that you will like your business to go.

In many parts of the country, Wedding season is either in a peak time or approaching it’s peak time. During this time, it is easy to put off the idea of future business, but I will tell you that those who at the top of their game keep pressing forward, even when they are already busy. Here are some things you can be doing now to help insure more business in the future:
-Put together some video testimonials. 98% of the people I speak too do not have a video testimonial that they can put on You Tube. Brides trust other Brides more than they trust you, so put this together and put it on the internet so they can start to build trust.
-Send a special “gift” to your current Brides after their wedding and gently ask for referrals. If you did a great job for them, you have earned the right to get referred, but it will typically not happen magically. Ask and you might get.
-Make the necessary adjustments to your website so it can be found better and is more easily navigated by the Brides. This process can take months and is a good thing to do now so in the next 6 months, your site will be towards the top of the search engines.
-Start forming bonds with the vendors you are working with at the weddings you will be doing over the next few months. If you do 8-10 weddings in the next few months, you will be able to potentially start relationships with 20-40 vendors.

Keep your foot on the gas and keep Brides coming through your doors. Now is the best time to do that- make it happen~!
Until next week, Here’s to your success!


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