The Power of Emotion and How to sell on Emotion

The Power of Emotion and How to sell on Emotion
Last week we spoke a little about how to sell to Brides. This week as promised, we will speak to selling to Brides on Emotion. Think about it we buy mostly on emotion . Think about your car- is it logical that you bought that particular car? The color, features, model, etc… are more emotional choices than they are logical. Now think about a Bride who is about as emotional as they get (both good and bad). If we sell logically (which is what most of us do most of the time) to an emotional person, we will lose. Let me share some ideas that may help in your selling of the Brides you meet up with.
First, we must understand the Brides mindset. When she gets engaged (ring on her finger and a date) some words that might describe her are Romantic, excited, anxious, Joy, Happy. When she starts to actually plan her wedding and spend money, those words might change to Fearful, Overwhelmed, anxious (the bad kind), reluctant. Either way, she is facing a wave of emotions.
We as wedding vendors come with our own stock of emotions. Further, we come to the sales appointment looking at the bride as a logical match (we have what she needs) and we proceed to ask a bunch of questions based on that logical match and only that logical match. Here are some of the logical questions we ask:
-When is your wedding date?
-How Many people are you inviting?
-What is your budget?
-Where is the wedding being held?
These questions are important, but you can get to them later. It is vital that you first create trust and take a more natural process in going after the sale.
The Bride will not get emotionally involved in the process, unless you ask the proper questions. In other words, you will be just like all the other typical “salespeople” that she is meeting with and there will be nothing special about you. When this happens, she will revert to comparing you with your competition on price and price alone. You may win on that, but most times, you lose. Even when you win, you are going out for low price. As Alan Sheppard the pioneering astronaut said to his fellow astronauts on Apollo 14 “Gentleman, do you realize we are being shot into space on something built by the lowest bidder?” Price has so little to do with what a Bride is actually hiring out for her wedding day.
The other side of emotion vs. logic is that many times a Bride will show up to the appointment with a logical parent. You have to understand the necessity of selling logically to that parent and emotionally to the Bride-unless the parent is also emotional.
To get the Bride emotional, it is crucial that you help her paint the proper picture of her wedding. In other words, you need to get her to visualize herself at the party (the wedding reception) or the ceremony as she has thought about it for the better part of her life. Here is what I would say if I were, let’s say a photographer:
Tell me how you imagine the ceremony- paint a picture for me and tell me as much detail as you possibly can.
She may ask “why”, to which I would answer; “Every photographer is different. I tend to do my best work at weddings that are full of life and happy as opposed to dull and boring.” She may resist giving you information to which I would coax it out of her. You understand the process of the wedding- the ceremony, the grand entrance, cutting the cake, the Toast, the first dance, the Daddy daughter dance, etc… Ask questions about those things and get her to paint herself into that picture. Do you see how that is emotional and so much more effective to building trust than asking “How many guests are you inviting”.
You further need to build trust with her by getting her to talk about herself- How did they meet, how is the wedding planning going, where are they going on their honeymoon, etc… By getting her to talk about herself, she will paint the picture for you and you can help her to get into that picture by again, asking the right questions.
A Bride needs 5 things to get married: 1) a groom 2) A License 3) someone to validate that license 4) both Groom and Bride to show up 5) both say “I do”. Everything else is not a need, but a desire. When you desire something, you get emotional, not logical. Stay emotional with you Bride until it gets to the point to where you have the trust, the sale or both, then you can get logical and proceed from there.


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