When the Pain get to be too much

I used to work for wise man who told me “Rick- when it gets painful enough you will find a way to fix it. Until then, you will writhe around tolerating more than you should” That is what many of us do with our businesses- we tolerate more pain than we should. Many times this can be solved through one of three methods- Ask, Seek, or Learn. I will talk today about these three methods and how to apply them to stop the pain.
Let me first ask you a simple, but heart wrenching question: Do you want to Thrive or simply Survive?
Many of you would be happy to Survive, but that is not what you envisioned when you got into business. I understand that last year was a rough year, however, there are a great number of wedding businesses that have learned to Thrive and enjoy their businesses rather than “just get by”. If you start your day with “boy oh boy, if only I can get the bills paid, I’ll be set”. I’m sorry to say- no you will not be okay. Your bills will happen next month and the next and the next. Your attitude is one of the best and worst places where your success will germinate. If you do not feed the attitude that you can succeed, you will never figure out how to succeed.
If you plan on being in business you need to learn the 2 things the great Jim Rohn taught that you need to be great at-Planting in the Spring or Begging in the Fall. The marketing you do now, will affect you down the road. You always need to be marketing and getting word out there about your business. If you haven’t caught on yet, I am not simply speaking about expensive ads in magazines or things that cost you a lot of money. In fact, I teach many different ways to go out and not spend a ton of dough and how to save money as opposed to doing it wrong. Maybe this is one area you can improve is to learn how to market your business. If you are the best, and there is no reason for me to assume otherwise, how will you get business if they don’t know about you?
Now onto the three ways to solve a problem:
Ask- You find someone with a similar problem as yours and get their help in solving your problem. You may find someone who doesn’t have your problem and there is a reason why they don’t have it- they have already solved it in their lives. This way of solving your problem is dynamic- it is alive and requires response from 2 sources- not just one (meaning not just yourself). This is also interacting with a whole other situation which while it may be similar to your situation, has different levels or different nuance that presents itself as a different problem, though not to the naked eye at first glance. Asking someone for help does not indicate a weakness, in fact every professional who is at the top of their game has a coach. There is always something about yourself that a trained pair of eyes and ears can see that you will never see.
Seek- You seek out the solution through books, the internet or other static sources (meaning they do not give you any feedback or are simply one dimensional. These sources state the problem or solution as “this is it-take it or leave it”. There is no interaction to your problem and there is no other application other than what is offered. As you know there are many different levels and issues with each problem. Using this method can offer up some good ideas and general rules, especially if you are taking a more scientific “experimentation” approach to gaining a solution to your problem. Again, books in the library or in general usually are written from an expert prospective. It is good to get outside influence in your life that is trained and can offer you a possible solution or guided path.
Learn- This is the least effective of all of the three methods. This is the “go along and see if this works or see if that works” methodology. Let me give you an example: John has a problem with his car-it will not start. He does not run any tests, or consult anyone, let alone reads any books. He simply goes forward by removing the alternator and putting in a new one. This doesn’t work, so he replaces the battery. This doesn’t work, so he replaces the starter. This doesn’t work, so he replaces the engine. This doesn’t work. What would have worked is if John had gone to Pep boys and they ran a diagnostic and found that the grounding cable from the negative terminal to the grounding point on the frame was corroded and needed to be cleaned and re-attached. Learning by trying different things without a planned approach will sink you.
Having problems is part of life. Solving them is part of Success. Thomas Edison didn’t look at what he did as a failure 10,000 different times- it was simply 10,000 different ways he discovered not to do something. Henry Ford did not find success until the Model T. Did you ever ask yourself “What about the Model R or Q” (T sounds much better than “U” also- glad he found that model to be successful!) Find your Problems and then set a path towards solving them.
Until next week, Here’s to your Success!


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