Getting the Bride to the Table

When I speak around the country to various Wedding Professionals group, the main message I like to beat home is that there is a process or a system of buying that the Bride typically follows. In this process, I point out that she has to go through certain steps before she will buy or sign a contract. By ignoring those steps, most of our marketing is wasted or under utilized.
Let me ask you a question; Out of the last 100 phone calls/emails, how many Brides said they heard enough and said- “here’s my credit card, sign me up” Most times less that 1% (this varies with professionals and in different cities, where there may be more of a destination Wedding location). Now out of the last 100 Brides who met face to face with you, came into your store or made time and showed up for an appointment, how many of them signed up with you? Typically anywhere from 50% to 90% sign up because of the appointment.
This staggering figure shows how important, how absolutely crucial it is to get more Brides to the Appointment. Brides who show up have a much higher chance of signing up.
Now the million dollar question is “how do I get more Brides to the appointment?”
That is a Great question….and here is the answer…
Do what I call Bridal Bribes. When I do my seminars, I spend about 30 minutes talking about the various ways to ‘bribe” a bride (don’t worry- it is legal and ethical) to come to an appointment. Most Brides are going to “buy” about 16 different things for their wedding. This ranges from the Rings to the cakes, flowers, honeymoons, DJ’s, Photographers, videos, etc… They will typically “shop” around three, so by offering a “bribe” just for showing up, they will typically make you one of the three. For example, a Bride decides she wants to hire a DJ to come entertain for the night. Through her search, she wil narrow down the list of DJ’s to three. Because you made an offer of “simply meet with me and receive a free _________ (you fill in the blank)” This may throw you over the edge and get her in front of you for the appointment.
Get your calculator- I want you to do some math.
Let’s pretend for a minute that you decide to give this Bride a $10 value gift. If you bought 100 of those $10 gifts it would be a $1000 investment. How many of those Brides would you close? How much will she typically spend with you (round numbers- on average). Times the amount she would spend by the number that you would close. Now compare that number to the investment of $1000. How does that measure out? Let’s work it out as an example. Let’s pretend that you are a florist. You offer “mention this ad/brochure/coupon and receive a $10 Starbucks card just for meeting with us”. As a florist your average package is $600. You spend $1000 on Starbucks cards (By The Way- you don’t have to buy them all at once). Let’s pretend that the florist closes 50 of the 100 brides and makes $30,000. That was a nice investment ($1000) for a great Return ($30,000).
One of the books I have written was written for this exact purpose- to use as a tool to get more Brides to the appointment. I sell this “7 Steps to a Stress Free Wedding” audio CD for as low as $5 each and they have a $16 value on them. This $16 value has proven to be enough to get the Bride to the appointment. Again, if you invested $250 on these CD’s, how many of the 50 Brides would you close to pay back the $250?
Please note- a discount on a purchase or something thrown in with the purchase is not enough to get her to the table. You want her to come to the table and be able to walk away with something whether she buys or not. This will help her to lower her defenses and start to build trust in that “here is someone that is willing to give me something just for meeting with them, they must be pretty confident in their services/products”.
Until next week, Here’s to your Success!


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2 Responses to “Getting the Bride to the Table”

  1. Shanna Sanders Says:

    My name is Shanna Sanders. I am trying to start up a cupcake business in Hollywood, FL and get the word out to all of broward county and surrouding counties. Its called Signature 7 Cupcakes. But what I really would like to do is get into the wedding industry. I was wondering if you can give me that push into the industry by giving me some information in how to build a clientele in this business. I would love to provide my cupcakes for bridal showers, weddings, etc. Please let me know what you can do! I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    • gettingmorebrides Says:

      Would love to help- not sure what you’re looking for or where you are, so maybe we can spend a few minutes on the phone one day to give some direction

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