I’ve Changed my Job Title

A year or so back, I went to a seminar of a very talented speaker who advised us to change our job title. Too many people were “District Managers” or “President/CEO”, He suggested that we do something fun and different. I have always liked different because it gets people to think. For the past few years, I have referred to myself as the “King of Weddings” in my business. This week, I have decided to change that Job Title to “President of Possibilities”. Let me take a few minutes of your time to let you know why.

I have had a very challenging year, as most of us have. As I look back at the past year, I have seen ups and downs and curves in my life I could not have scripted. At the end of the day, though, I am still above ground and able to fight one more day. I have realized that a quote I had hanging on my office wall had brought itself to life:

“Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in more prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.” –Homer

I have seen myself find resources and solutions that would not have been found and you can too. If you are having a rough year (many of us are) there are solutions and I would encourage you to look for solutions.

When we face problems in life, we go to one of two options:

1. We get to work to find a fix for the problem

2. We sit around and analyze the death out of the problem as to it’s fairness, it’s origin or other non-edifying material.

Now there are two things I know to be true:

1. Every problem has a solution (not all solutions are liked or acceptable to us, but there are solutions)

2. We have been able to “get through” every problem that has ever presented itself to us in the past.

Our responses will be based upon three things

1. Our Experience. What did our parents teach us to do? What has life taught us to do? For Example, We get caught speeding down a back road once and get a ticket, every time after words, whether there is a police officer there or not, we will probably not speed down that road.

2. Our Environment. What or who influences us to strive forward or in many cases put on the brakes? If we have a spouse whose belief it is that we should not take risks and we have a belief that by taking risks we gain huge rewards, you can imagine how that might slow us down in our decisions to take risk.

3. Our Inner Belief System. A little bit different than our Experience, our Inner Belief System is something that can be brought up by our experience or our environment, but is something that in a knee jerk situation, we will default to as a proper measurement. For example, if our Parents taught us that Money doesn’t grow on trees, and we teach our kids that money doesn’t grow on trees, and we live our life like there is a very limited amount of money, we will accept that there is no money out there and we will not look for money or opportunities to make money.

I get that this is a hard economic time. I am living it. Does that mean I shrivel up and go into the corner a quivering mass of goo? No it means I try different things to get different results. For example, In my consulting, I have a large package which if someone came to me with half cash and half trade, I would certainly entertain it if I could use the trade. Many of us have a hard time doing trade, but I guarantee you that by at least opening your eyes to a possibility, you will find much more opportunity. (this is not a commercial for Bartering- it is simply showing you that there are different ways to approach a solution that are out of the box-think about all the different ways you could use your product/service and spare time to create marketing, or otherwise without spending hard cash dollars).
You may be in a hard way right now- don’t assume that things are as you think they are. Things are possible. Success is possible. It is possible that you will have the best year of your life this year.You may have 15 different ways to work yourself out of this problem with dignity , respect and frankly my admiration!

If you need some help, an ear to bend or just someone to bounce an idea off- give me a call.

Until Next Week, Here’s to Your Success!


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One Response to “I’ve Changed my Job Title”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I always say Life is an adventure, you experience, the good times, the
    bad times, the sad time, the fun times, this is a part of living life and
    each has something to offer to our lives, and each is an adventure in its
    own way. It’s sort of like riding a roller coaster.
    I decided to start a new business venturing off from working with my husband which I have done for years. Little did I realize this would be
    a crazy idea, as the economic doom hit our business, it’s still rolling along, yeah, like trying to swim upstream. So, here I am in the worst
    economic times working on my crazy business idea with no money.
    These economic situations seem to follow me, but because they do, I know I will prevail. How….It’s works this way. It’s like a horse racing at the racetrack. Get focused, Put your blinders on and go forward and give it your all. The blinders keep the negatives out and lets you focus only on the positives, and by doing this I’m meeting some incrediable
    I enjoy your posts…. See you in the winners circle…

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