7 Must follow Rules of Facebook

The 7 Must Follow Rules of Facebook

I am not an expert at many things. I do know what I know and recently a friend of mine who is a prominent player said he didn’t have a facebook account. I asked him why and he told me “it has become a place for people to either brag or to b*tch”. He shared some stories of some things that had happened with him and it got me thinking about how we use Facebook to build our business.
Facebook is a relatively new phenomenal medium which when used right can bring in a ton of Brides. I have seen people work facebook to the point of it was their major effective medium to bring in Bridal business. When used right- it works like most other mediums. Unfortunately, I have seen a ton of stuff out there that simply is not compatible with a good solid strategy in getting the word out about your business. Here are my 7 “must” follow rules of Facebook
1. If it is a business page, keep it business. I get invites for Mafia wars, notifications of high scores n Bejeweled and requests for Farmland stuff all the time at 2-3 in the afternoon. Is that what you want your trusted professional (say your attorney or accountant) doing at 2-3 in the afternoon? Brides will see it the same way. They are trusting you with their wedding and they want to make sure that you look and seem professional. Remember-if your Bride has friended you, all her friends can see your stuff popping up on her wall if you post it up there.
2. Positive stuff only. Keep the comments about your crappy lunch at McDonalds, other vendors or just simple negative stuff away. Weddings are a positive happening and Brides are looking for the positive vendors. Remember, while you may be trying to sound off to the wedding community, there are prospective customers who will see your stuff and will get a bad taste in their mouths, even if you are absolutely right on target with your feelings.
3. Comment on other peoples status in a complimentary way. When someone wins an award or is recognized, put a comment on there that will help people see you in a good light and help more people see you. By commenting frequently and in a good nature, you will again be seen by more people as a positive person.
4. Keep your name and your business type the same. My business page is ; Rick Brewer (Get More Brides). I have Branded the “get more Brides” logo and name in the Wedding industry. If you are John Smith and you are a photographer, make your name “John Smith Photography” so those not familiar with you can see what you do.
5. Post 2 times a week. Postings need to be simple, positive and catchy, not a resume of how great you are. You can put links to fun videos, or a great suggestion, but staying out there consistently will help you to be more recognized. Remember the rule that content is king. You can be a great source of information by posting items that matter to Brides in general, not simply what you do.
6. Brag on others, never yourself. If you want to put up pictures of a wedding make sure that you put up how great the Bride and Groom were, or how fun their family was, or how awesome the venue was, etc… By posting up pictures and comments about how fun the wedding was, etc… you will have others do the bragging for you (again, see Rule #3 about commenting on others- what goes around comes around~!). This is especially true if your Bride is one of your friends. Make sure to tag her so that her picture gets picked up and seen potentially by all of her friends.
***side note: you do not have to be a professional photographer to take a picture or have one taken and posted up on the site. By bringing out your point and shoot camera, you can ask someone else to take the picture for you of you, the Bride and the Groom. Post this up quickly and in a timely fashion.
7. NEVER NEVER use facebook as a sounding board. I see too many people post stuff up on facebook that is simply rude towards others, is very opinionated or simply doesn’t belong p there because it makes you come off as a complainer and a whiner. I was once told this by a Southern Baptist pastor; “Jesus turned water into wine, but can’t do a thing with Whining”. I have seen people put up things about a Bridal show that didn’t have the showing and get a bunch of people riled up only to come back and comment “well I did get 2 bookings and a few more appointments, but I was hoping for more Brides”. The individual got some bookings and made money from the show, but still wanted to complain. How do you think this individual came off to his fellow wedding vendors?

When you are trying to build your business, consider whether your post is about building, bragging or b*tching. Using this as a measurement for your posts and comments should help get you to where you want to go quicker and easier.

Until Next Week, Here’s to your Success!


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2 Responses to “7 Must follow Rules of Facebook”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Love the positive energy.
    I like the saying: If you keep your mind focused on the positives
    you won’t have time for the negatives.

    Define your negative or problem and then use
    your energies for finding a solution.

  2. Brenna Taylor Says:

    Thanks for the great article! Facebook has been a great tool for me to network with vendors and meet more brides!

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