Bridal Show Success Secrets (1 of 4)

Bridal Show season is upon us. Many of you have already participated in a Bridal show, and many more are upcoming. Bridal shows can be a great source of success, yet, many many vendors spend time, effort and alot of money and fail to book one single wedding from that show. Is it the Promoters fault? not if Brides show up. Is it the Competitions fault? Many times they don’t get bookings either. Over the next 4 weeks, I will be addressing the subject of Bridal Shows and how to prepare and maximize your results during and after the show. These emails will be based off of my new CD “Bridal Show Success Secrets” Which I will be offering at a special deal at the end of this email. Enjoy!

Have you ever shown up at a Bridal Show, had hundreds of Brides pass by your booth and not get the results you want?
Let’s set the stage.
You as a vendor have much to do to get ready for the show. You want to show your –for lack of a better term, “stuff” to all the Brides that will attend the show that day. You work to prepare special offers, a booth that will razzle dazzle the Brides, prizes they can win and simply trying to get as many bookings as you possibly can.
You not only have to pay to rent the booth space, but you have to print up literature, pay your employees to work the show, give out samples and treats and spend a lot of effort and energy to get in front of these Brides. It costs you a lot in money and time.
The Bride on the other hand shows up ready to look at all the different options she has available to her. She is looking for some of the “stuff” that is offered. Most times she is there with a specific purpose or agenda that is no more than three items large. Whether it is scoping out the entirety of what she needs, view the fashion show, or win prizes, she is there with that purpose. This show will cost her money to enter typically, as well as her time to come to the show.
In theory, the Bridal show should work for the Bride as well as the Vendor.
Where else can a Vendor see that many potential prospects in one day and where else can a Bride do a “one-stop-shopping” for all of her Wedding needs. Again, it seems as a perfect match maker event of Brides who need the “stuff” and the vendors who have it.
The shows in and of themselves have some inherent problems. These problems happen at the best of bridal shows and at those Bridal shows that are not so good. They are not the fault of the promoter. The job of the promoter is to simply get as many engaged or soon to be engaged girls to the show. Here are some of the problems that you will encounter at any show:
· The girls are overwhelmed. 85% of all girls have not been married before and the planning of their wedding (the ONE day of their lives which has to be perfect) becomes more than they can handle. They are spending more money on that one day than they will any other day of their lives. They also want to avoid the catastrophes as well as compete with their sisters, their mother’s affection and keep their bridesmaids in line (you know the singular girl who wants to wear a different color dress because that color makes her look “large”).
· They come into the show at all stages of planning. Some have just begun planning, many are in the middle stages of planning and some have already bought everything they needed, but are just there to try to win something or get a last minute idea. This being the case, you can plan on most of the Girls there not needing your service/product depending on where you fall in the planning process.
· There are multiple vendors of the same category who say similar things but have different outcomes. I say it often, trust is the new currency. It is hard to build trust with a girl who is overwhelmed and has tried the other 5 cake places that happen to be at the show and she really cannot tell the difference between them all.
· The girls have multiple influencers. I would always congratulate grooms that accompanied the brides as they rarely come to a Bridal show. The groom should be the most important influencer on the Bride, however, it usually is not. You see the entire group (The Mother, the sister, the friend, the Future Mother in Law, etc…) and they all have ideas. Many times they are gentle, and kind, but not having bought this stuff before, none of the group knows how to go about getting the right “stuff” for this particular bride. Rarely has the Bride Prioritized her wants and needs to get the wedding that is in her mind.
The Bride has a Buying Process which a Bridal Show can take away 2 or more steps of. Here is the process I am speaking of. This applies to Brides in General and you will find some Brides who Don’t follow this model, but large in part most Brides will Follow this model.
Imagine a ladder against a building. Your Prospects are standing far from the ladder. The first step is to get the Brides to the ladder. Some will some won’t- not all brides want or need your stuff, so concentrate on getting as many Brides to the ladder as you can. This is the Marketing Step. In a Bridal show, this step is taken away from you as the Show’s promoter will hopefully do a good job in getting qualified Brides to the show.
Next week, I will speak to what you should be doing to prepare for the Bridal show.

The Three stages I want you to learn is 1) Before the Show preparation 2) During the Show actions and inactions 3) Follow up after the show.


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