Trying to say “yes”

I went to Krispy Kreme donuts a few months back with the intent of using a few coupons for donuts I had bought for a fund raiser. Printed on the coupon, it said, “please use no more than 3 coupons at one time”. As I wanted 2 dozen donuts (one for our babysitter and one for my family), I was in good territory. When I got to the window, I received my donuts and presented my coupons. The girl at the window took my certificates, took a look at the certificates and without much hesitation said, “You can only use one of these at a time”.

I pointed out the condition on the bottom of each certificate, to which she replied, “Hold on…” . She then proceeded to go speak with a manager and pointed out the condition on the bottom of the certificate. When she came back, she said, “We’ll let you do it this time.” Not looking for a fight and not having any more certificates, I thanked her and went on my way. It was pretty evident to me that this girl had not been trained in the fine art of customer service, nor did she care to be.

As I meet with wedding vendors on a regular basis, I often see similar situations. These wedding professionals are “stuck” in their own worlds and do not see things through the eyes of a Bride. In dealing with the Brides, they are nice and are kind, however, they often say “no” a lot more then they say “yes”. Here is an example of what I am speaking about:

One vendor (will remain nameless) had a Bride come into their shop. The Bride asked if they carried “xyz” product which was an common item for the wedding. The Vendor did not and said “no”. I didn’t think much about it, but left to go to my next appointment where guess who was there- you’re right- the same Bride still looking for “xyz” product. This vendor did not have that product, but they said they would order it for the Bride. Because the vendor was so nice to the Bride, she ended up spending $100 on “xyz” product + another $300 on other stuff that she liked.

By simply saying “yes” this vendor had landed a very nice and profitable sale, even though they did not have the product that the Bride was looking for in stock. Funny thing is this vendor simply took 3 minutes and looked it up online and had it shipped, which I know the other vendor could have equally done.

Many times Brides get used to the concept of Wedding “packages”. The problem that commonly occurs with “packages” is that you will get the every so often Bride who does not want what is offered on your package. Keep in mind that 85% of Brides are first timers who haven’t bought this stuff before. By simply talking to them and finding out what they want, and what they are hoping for, you will better be able to build something that will suit them specifically rather than pigeon holing them into something they don’t want, like or need.

When a Bride asks you for something that your reaction may be “no”, try replying “Absolutely-there may be a need for some adjustments (i.e. price) but I’m sure we can make that happen”.

By saying yes, you keep her moving down the road to the sale. Saying “no” is a stop sign which gives her the option of turning left or right, and thus taking her away from the sale.

Be sure to empower any employees that you have to further be able to say “yes”. This will require some training as well as have some bumps in the road. Allow them to make a few mistakes and you will be better able to serve your Brides and potentially get more Brides!

Until next week, Here’s to Your Success!


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