Staying positive and Focused

Recently, I have seen a bunch of Wedding Vendors of all types throwing in the towel.I recieved an auto-responder a few weeks ago that said, “Sorry to say we are shutting down this email address as we cannot keep our business going after all these years”. It is kind of scary out there right now.

The common element that I see in Wedding vendors who are struggling is they have lost their focus. That focus which once served them very well in many cases needed to be with them during the tough times even more so than it was in the good times.

Besides losing their focus, they start to belly up to the watercooler of misery (where there is plenty of company). By seeking out others who are in the same boat as them, they unknowingly have changed their focus from one of shooting for success to one of shooting for failure.

I have seen horrible times in the Wedding industry (including working through the period right after 9/11) and have seenabsolutely abundant times. The commmon things that I have seen are there are vendors who are almost always hungry for business, and there are some (much fewer) vendors who are always busy.

If you have lost your focus, or feel that your focus is waining, here are some strategies you can use to get back in the game:

1. Know and believe that there are girls out there that not only would consider your product or service, but are a perfect match. In any given market, there is enough business for you and your competitors. Within that business is what I call the perfect customers. These perfect customers are girls who will match what you do, how you do it and your personality to become the winning results that you and she hope for. If you don’t believe that these girls are out there, you won’t look for them and you won’t believe that you will get them even if they come to you.
2. Set a goal for the month and stick to the steps to making that goal come to life. If you are nto an experienced goal setter, you will have to right out a reasonable number of girls that you would like to sit down with to discuss your product or service. Once you have that number, you then need to do the marketing actions to get them in to your business. If you don’t have any marketing out there right now, you will have a tough, but not impossible road ahead. You will need to act on this goal-simply making it and waiting for it to happen is like going out to a patch of dirt in your back yard and hoping for a beautiful garden. You must first plant the seeds before you will see the fruit of your work.
3. Avoid the negative and seek out the positive. Again, if you have unwittingly set your focus on failure, you will need to re-focus on towards success. Understand what success means to you and you will have your target. If you believe that there is a target, you will work towards making it happen. Once you have the “what” of yoru goal, you then need to put a strong “why” you want that goal. A strong “why” may be staying in business, so you don’t have to go to the daily grind of working for someone else and having to be subjected to commutes during rush hour, missing recitals and soccer games, as well as only having one week vacation and a lot less challenge in your life. The stronger the “why” the easier the “how”. Your “how” to make your goal happen is really the easiest part of the equation if you get a strong “why”.

We are fortunate to be able to have total control over our lives. If we succeed or fail, it is not dependent upon anyone or anything else other than us. We have everything we need to succeed-We should succeed-We deserve to succeed-Get out there and get the success that is waiting for you!


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