5 “M’s” of MArketing to Brides- Medium

There are a ton of mediums out there for you to choose from. Everything from static to dynamic, dead or dying to vibrant and alive. Some fully hit your target market and others fully miss your market. It is necessary that you perform your due diligence to find the right medium which will help you spend your dollars wisely. As I mentioned above, you will be promised that the medium the salesperson sells is the medium that hits your demographic, so assume that the sales person is going to say this to every business and plan on doing some research.

How do you choose the right medium? There are many things to consider, but all of them require deeper thought and research with an eye of a skeptic. I am not encouraging you to get lost in this one step and get “analysis paralysis”. I have bought and seen a lot of media bought by others that simply did not work. I sometimes see people making decisions that I really question. I have seen competitive publications which were not effective (rated by those who paid to be in them, not by myself) who had a good sales pitch and would grow their book just because they were good at selling ads.

I would focus on the mediums which focus their efforts on marketing to Brides. These mediums would mostly be websites and wedding magazines.

Because there are so many different mediums in different cities, I cannot tell you what to do in each situation on this email. I can offer guidance on what works generally. These mediums work best in most situations. You may, however, live in a town where the only form of advertising is the local newspaper. That newspaper may have an annual section which works wonders for advertising to Brides. Normally I would discourage newspaper advertising including the “special” annual Bridal guide that most newspapers produce as they simply do not work

Here are some other ideas which may help you narrow your selection down.
1) What are professionals in your industry overwhelmingly doing? What are the leaders in your industry doing? You will be able to tell by simply looking to back issues of magazines, checking referrals that are given to you by the medium salesperson (although I have yet to see them give out a bad referral), calling up vendors who are advertisers who are not on that list will give you a better feel (the list may be all of the salespersons “buddies” or have an agreement with the salesperson, ect…)
2) Where are there areas of opportunity for you? Are there places which hit your target market which are lacking in your category? Is there a reason why they are lacking in your category?
3) Can you get a guaranteed rate of return? Again, I have seen some mediums work for one company and not another, while both may be the same type industry and be direct competitors. Ask for a guaranteed rate of return and see what you can get. This does not insure you will get one, however, it does
give you a leg up if you do

The best results are gained by using multiple mediums. I have seen where a vendor can pay for advertising in every wedding magazine and do every Bridal show, but because they are only using 2 types of mediums, they do not get the same results as someone who uses 6or 8 types of mediums.

This is just a taste of some of the information to get you going in the right direction. If this has wetted your appetite, you can get the full course from my audio book “Get More Brides” business success kit, a 3 CD audio book which is driven towards marketing to Brides.



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