An example of advertising

This week, I received what I thought was quite possibly the worst ad I have seen in all my years of advertising to the wedding industry. The quality of the picture was good, the picture actually was catching, but catching like a train wreck catching. There was nothing there but shock value. Before I put you into any more suspense, here is the ad ( I have taken out the contact info to protect the advertiser)-(I have opted not to publish this picture on the blog- fyi it was a videographer picture shot from the waist down with his camera protruding from his crotch with a girl in front of him her hand in cupping shape and the caption “Go ahead you can touch it”):

Now, you can judge for yourselves.  The people creating the ad I believe wished to create a pattern interrupt or in other words, trying to stop the Brides in their tracks and pay attention to their ad. They also put a note in the email saying” this ad has been rejected by several bridal publications- do you think that is fair?”
Here is why the publications may have rejected the ad:
1.      Protect the integrity of the publication
2.      Save my Brides from offense
3.      Protect the other advertisers who would share space in the magazine as being branded guilty by association.
On this ad it was very clear why they would not run the ad. Let me ask a different question;
If the ad was not offensive, but equally as ineffective, would they have run it?  Most would say yes- the publications job is to sell ad space. That being said it is my belief that they also hold responsibility to make the best possible ad that they can.
In one scenario, let’s pretend that you have the greatest, proven track record, effective ad that was ever created. Take that ad and put it in a bad medium (say a newspaper or yellow pages).
In scenario two, let’s say you have the greatest, track record proven effective medium, but you put in a bad ad.
In both scenarios, you potentially end up with the same result: Your Phone doesn’t ring.
Most publications are simply good at selling ads, however they need to be good at selling and making effective ads. Makes sense as this would be a repeat business situation if it works well, but a one time shot if it does not.
Here are the five M’s of creating an effective ad to help guide you:
1.      Medium
2.      Masses
3.      Message
4.      Motive
5.      Measurement
I can go into deep discussion on all of these topics, so here is what I will do, I will discuss each of them in more length in the next 5 weekly emails. My hope is to help you find ways that are productive of spending your ad dollars.
As I mentioned before, many publications are simply out to get your ad and they leave the ball in your court to formulate that ad as well as make it effective. There are also many publications which do a great job at providing a great product as well as guiding their customers towards success. These publications should be rewarded with your patronage. They should get your business and make you some money. That being said, we will talk about those types of publications in the next few weeks.

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One Response to “An example of advertising”

  1. Dawn Gurley Says:

    I really have enjoyed the emails you have sent including your blog. I am always open to improvement to gain more business.

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